Crisis communications plan
Church Communications

How to Protect Your Church During a Crisis

Are you a church leader concerned about protecting your congregation and church reputation in the face of potential crises? In today’s world, having a robust crisis management strategy is crucial for ensuring your church can effectively navigate unexpected emergencies. On a recent episode of The Missional Marketing Podcast, Bart Blair and Jason Hamrock interviewed author and media consultant Phil Cooke to gain insights on how churches can prepare for and manage crises.

Case Studies

Case Study: The Value of a Great Coach – Grace Community Church

Grace Community Church in Universal City, Texas, ministers to a community with a large military population. “Because there are so many military couples here, we host a lot of recovery groups and PTSD groups,” shared Tara Butterworth, their Executive Assistant. “So our online presence brings people in to get them face-to-face almost immediately.”

A helpful and competent church communications intern
Church Growth

How to Best Utilize an Intern for Church Communications

Working with an intern can be a valuable win-win experience, but learning how to achieve this is not always easy. To work well with an intern at your church, you must prepare for success. In a recent episode of The Missional Marketing Podcast, church communications experts Bart Blair and Jason Hamrock shared valuable insights on making the most of internships in your church’s communications department.