Google for Churches [The Ultimate Guide]

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Local Church SEO Boost

Google My Business for Churches [The Ultimate Guide]

We intend for the following resource to be a comprehensive guide to everything a church should need to know about Google My Business. We’ve broken this content down into three sections:

Understanding Google My Business and Local Searches outlines what Google My Business is and why it’s important. We’ll also explore the meaning of local searches,

Live Streaming Church with Facebook and Youtube

Live Streaming Church with Youtube and Facebook

Learning to live stream is essential for every church today. The two most popular places to send your church service live stream are Youtube and Facebook. These social platforms were created for engagement and sharing. They’re perfect places for churches today to connect with their congregants and reach their community. The good news is that live streaming church with Youtube and Facebook has never been easier!

Church Online

Church Online: A New Reality

Millions of Americans are now attending church online as Coronavirus concerns have reached a fever pitch here in the United States. Now more than ever, churches who have struggled to catch up to modern-day standards of web presence needed for any organization are scrambling to bridge the gap. Deficiencies in a church’s online presence become glaringly obvious when the option for in-person services no longer exists,

Help for Church Communications Directors

Help for Church Communications Directors

The role of the Church Communications Director is one that has become increasingly complex over the last decade. With so many people now online, this has opened up numerous new avenues to reach the congregation. However, with so many avenues and platforms to choose from, it is easy to get swamped.


Church Communications Consulting

Today more than ever, churches require an effective church communications campaign, to attract the unchurched, and to grow their ministries. However, most churches are simply not equipped with the skill-set required to implement such a campaign. That is why so many churches are choosing to engage in Church Communications Consulting.
Missional Marketing is a dedicated Christian communications firm working with Christian Churches and Organizations across the country,

Church Communications Help

We provide church communications help for churches in a pinch. If your church needs to outsource communications tasks we can help.
Get church communications help with tools and approaches such as Facebook growth plans, Google strategies, email management and communications consulting.
Our team of church communications professionals are all passionate about Kingdom growth and Church growth and we work in accordance with Colossians 3:23-24.

Avoiding Church Communications Staffing Layoffs

Church Communications Layoffs Are Painful
It is so painful for Church Communications Directors to hire people on, train them up, and then let them down when you lay them off.
As Church Communications Consultants we see a recurring cycle where church Communications Departments hire and train too many people and then have to let them go.

Why Outsource Digital Advertising?

So why outsource digital advertising? Great question! There are a variety of reasons to outsource your advertising, and we list them below.

The game changes constantly. Facebook and Google are always changing up their platforms. If you are not in them on a regular basis, then chances are very good you will not be utilizing the full extent of your money spent.