“You're Invited” Campaigns

Harness the incredible power of online advertising to invite new people to church for community, connection, and compassionate care.

Word of mouth invitations, church signs, and conventional advertising will attract some folks, but if you really want to draw attention to your church, you’ll go where the people are — online, using social media, search engines, and Youtube. Through a “You’re Invited” advertising campaign, you can share all the greatest benefits of coming to church with your local community and welcome them for an in-person visit.

Invite Them—And They Will Come

The Power of Vacation Bible School

People in your community are searching for connection and purpose, longing to plug into a group of people who care and make them feel welcome and wanted. Your church can be their answer—if they know you’re there and want them to join you! Let your local community know they’re welcome to join your church family through digital ads that say directly - “You’re Invited!”.


Invited Events

Let us help you craft online ads that spotlight benefits like:


What’s up ahead? How can I anchor my life to something I can depend on?


All I hear is bad news. Help me find some good news!


Looking for a place where everybody knows your name?


We all need to belong; we all need people who care


When the bottom falls out, who can you turn to?


Need some help and clarity about your faith journey?


Here’s a well-kept secret. Church people love to have fun!

Promoting a “You’re Invited” Campaign will help you share the amazing benefits of your church with people desperate for them.

Not sure where to start? We’re ready to help!

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Maximize your church’s efforts to invite new people by using the most effective digital outreach strategies. We look forward to working with you!

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