Church Online Campaigns

Your church can be a light in this dark season by capturing new audiences online through digital advertising.

Although your church’s building may physically be closed or operating at a limited capacity, you can still grow and reach new people online even in unprecedented times. COVID-19 has created an atmosphere of anxiety and fear within our country, causing many to face mental health issues, grief, financial hardships, and loneliness from social isolation.

Increasing your church’s online presence through ad campaigns can reach new people in desperate need of hope and community. From consulting services for transitioning your church fully online to Google and social media campaigns, Missional Marketing is here to help your church thrive.

Physically distanced, virtually together.

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The good news for churches is that being able to reach new people has never been easier. By offering church online, you’re able to reach more people than ever before, free of geographical limitations. Since people have increased downtime at home, you have a great opportunity to target unchurched people, offering them live stream sermons and the chance to engage deeper through online small groups and virtual events.

Missional Marketing will work closely with your church to understand your unique needs to find the right advertising campaign to reach your goals.

Grow Your Congregation God can use and bless your church, even during a global pandemic. Running a church online campaign via Facebook, YouTube, Google, or Instagram can reach users when they need God most. By utilizing these platforms to target users, your church can get in front of people who may desperately need Jesus but might be turning to some unhealthy coping mechanisms instead. Imagine a user who is scrolling through Instagram, feeling depressed as a result of quarantine. If your church’s ad for a hopeful sermon pops up on their feed, they might be more inclined to click through to watch and eventually become an active member.

Paid Advertising Platforms



Target users who may be actively searching for high converting keywords like “free online church sermons” or those who may be searching for felt needs like “how to cope during quarantine”.



Facebook is a great way to capture new people both across the nation and within your local community. Additionally, retargeting campaigns allow active members to be reminded to watch Sunday services.



Reach users who are searching on YouTube or watching videos that are similar content to your church like a worship song, increasing the likelihood of a conversion. Get the most out of your budget by only paying when someone watches your advertisement.



Get in front of users who are mindlessly scrolling through Instagram with your church’s message of love, faith, and hope.

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