Hulu Ads for Churches

Your church can reach the community and the world with the digital streaming platform, Hulu. We help you craft your ads, maximize your advertising spend and stand out as a leader in your community with Hulu Advertising.

Stand Out As a Trusted Source

Imagine your next church visitor streaming Hulu at home, watching their favorite show - and there you are. Your church ad shows up, sharing highlights of the best your church has to offer, or even a word of encouragement straight from your Pastor. Hulu Advertising elevates your church platform, positioning you as a thought leader and source of encouragement.

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Attract Attention from Engaged Audiences

While other brands are vying for the attention of your community, now you can cut through the noise with a meaningful message that’s relevant and local. Reach your community right where they are, during their downtime. Place your church’s advertising right next to television’s top hits and classics and share a message of Jesus’ love and with the world.

Real-time Performance Analytics

With Hulu Advertising, you’re never in the dark. Shed some light on our ad’s performance with real-time insights. Learn all about the community your ad is reaching.

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Here's how it works:


Create your ad

Create a video with a practical message to share your church and inspire your community.


Target your community

Decide who you want to target


Monitor performance.

Evaluate your ad’s performance in real-time.


Optimize your ad’s performance

Monitor your ads and make improvements as you learn.


Gain new foot traffic into your church.

Build awareness for your church and expect growth over time.

Build Confidence In Your Church

First impressions last. Visitors will come to your church with positive expectations as they discover the life-changing message of Jesus and all your church has to offer.

Security Shield

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