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More than Clicks

Church growth starts with a click. The more people who visit your church website, the higher the chances they’ll watch or attend your weekend services. However, simply increasing web traffic isn’t enough.

What if your church could turn those clicks into real leads? What if you could capture the names/emails of the people interested in your content and follow up with them? And what if the follow-up was automatic? Capturing leads empowers churches to connect with and invite people to all the great stuff your church is doing.

Lead Generation Engine

Missional Marketing has developed a proprietary strategy that will increase traffic to your church website and give your church a steady stream of leads. The Church Leads Engine includes 4 parts:

Advertising: The more traffic your website receives, the more chances you have for connection.

Engaging content: Users should land on an engaging page that's highly relevant to their search and contains persuasive writing with effective calls to action.

Church Forms: People provide their contact information in exchange for helpful downloadable content related to their needs.

Automated Follow-Up: Every form receives relevant follow-up automatically. Your church also has the option of turning off this automatic follow-up if you wish to do the follow-up yourselves.

How the Lead Generation Engine Works

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1 Increase Traffic to Your Website

Collecting new leads begins by driving new traffic to your website or landing pages. This can happen through online ads, social media posting, organically, or through the Google Ad Grant. The Google Ad Grant offers one of the best ways to increase traffic to your pages.

Google Ad Grant

Google offers qualifying churches up to $10,000/month in Google Search advertising. Our team can apply for, set up, and manage your Google Ad Grant. Check Eligibility

Paid Advertising

Advertising on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, etc. is a great way to gather new leads.

Social Media Posts

Posting content with helpful information and directing users to your website or landing pages is another way to collect leads.

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2 Offer Engaging Pages with Relevant Content

The content a user finds on a landing page will make or break user engagement. It should be engaging, relevant to their search, and offer a clear call to take purposeful action. Putting together a large volume of content that can span many different felt needs in a community would be a difficult undertaking for any church. To remove this obstacle, Missional Marketing offers Real-Life landing pages and Get Connected landing pages to optimize every user experience.

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3 Collect Leads

Given relevant content for their specific Google search, visitors will provide their information in order to download topical tips and take helpful quizzes. Your church gains a new lead and also learns which topic led the user to engage with your site.


Marriage Assessment
Stress Test
Amazing Bible Facts Quiz
Spiritual Gifts Test
And more…


Christmas Activity Kit
15 Encouraging Bible Verses
5-Week Guide for New Christians
Doubt Devotional
And more…

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4 Follow-Up

The Lead Generation System includes the option of free automated follow-up for your leads. This means every time a person opts in to receive future communication, they’ll receive a series of topic-specific emails and texts. These users can also receive automatic invites to Christmas and Easter services every year. You never know when your church invite will hit at the right time.

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5 Experience New Church Visitors

Personal invitations will eventually turn into new church visitors. While some visitors may watch online for some time before ever planning a visit, others may be interested to attend in person right away. Growing churches will prioritize the practice of identifying and connecting with these new church visitors.

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Get Started:
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Individuals in your community may be one personal invitation away from undergoing a positive life change in your church. Begin gathering leads today with Missional Marketing’s exclusive Lead Generation Engine.

You can learn more by downloading the Lead Generation Roadmap now.

Help your church move beyond the click. Turn clicks into new connections and experience church growth through leads.