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Our team of experts is ready to serve your church with all your church writing needs. Whether you’re looking for site updates, blogging, press releases, or SEO content, we’re prepared to support the various writing needs of your church with a strong SEO strategy and powerful performance.

Your Church's Digital Perception

Digital Presence
and Public Perception

As a church, your online presence matters. When people search for a church in your area, you want your church to be listed on the first page of results, even earning the top spot if possible. Those searching are most likely to choose a result from the first page of search results.

Warning Indicator

If individuals search for a church (or a specific ministry your church offers) and your church doesn’t appear on the first page, then you have a problem with your online presence.

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Do Not Underestimate the Importance of SEO

Finding and fixing this problem is our specialty. Not only can we locate which areas need better SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but we can actually do the optimizing. Often, we find church websites simply haven’t been set up with SEO in mind, or they don’t include enough SEO content to warrant a top spot in search results.

The same concern extends to any event your church hosts. Imagine spending thousands of dollars on an event, but no one shows up. If your big event matters enough for your church to spend a lot of time/money/energy on, then making sure the community knows about your event should be a top priority.

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It also matters how your church is perceived online. Since we live in a world of online reviews and social media often replacing word-of-mouth, one bad article can quickly give your church a reputation you don’t want. Have you ever considered which Google keywords are most closely connected to your church? Have you ever wondered how your church is perceived in your community? When people think of your church, what words come to mind?

Your church’s online perception especially matters when a negative article paints you in a bad light after an unfortunate incident. The truth is, bad press hurts. Churches and lead pastors can often feel like helpless victims of hurtful articles or press. But there are ways to counteract this negative effect and manage your online reputation.

As a church, you’ll want to stay up-to-date with both your online presence and public perception, and Missional Marketing can help. If you’re in need of a new website with strong built-in SEO optimization, you might want to start with one of our Ready-Made WordPress Websites that include 12 pages of prewritten content. If you’ve already worked with us on a website overhaul or want to build on your existing site for more powerful placement in Google search results, check out our Google Ad Grant Landing Pages, which can connect your church to people searching for solutions to Felt Need problems or answers to common faith-related questions.

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Not Helpless

We know many people feel helpless to influence their online presence and public perception. But, the good news is you aren’t! Ensuring that your church’s site has plenty of effective SEO content, along with executing various other online strategies, has the ability to drastically impact how your church is perceived on Google. And the secret to influencing your online presence in a meaningful way starts with Google.

There’s little argument today that Google owns the internet. Most websites are found through Google searches and most online advertising happens through Google services. If your church wants to improve its digital presence or shape its brand narrative differently, it will mostly happen through Google.

Google strives to understand every page on the internet, and provide the best possible content to its users. As a place to start, you can examine how Google views your website by checking out Google’s Search Console.

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Having high-quality, SEO-focused landing pages can also be important to running successful ad campaigns, as they will contribute to producing a high Google Quality Score. By pointing Google ads at well-optimized landing pages for the keywords related to the campaign, Google will be more likely to display your ad as well as give you a better cost-per-click.

There are many factors that contribute to a high Google Quality Score. Ultimately however, Google wants users who click on your ad campaign to have a good experience and be delivered content relevant for the keywords that they searched. Because of this, your church website needs quality content for any subject that you want to advertise for!


Your church can also affect your church’s online presence through purposeful ad campaigns focused on specific keywords. These Google ads can be linked to landing pages built for relevance to those specific keywords. These optimized ads and landing pages will work together to impact your church’s online presence and public perception on Google.

Why Missional Marketing Cares

Long before a person ever considers visiting your church on a Sunday morning, they’ll first search for a church in their area on Google. They’ll visit your church website to get a feel for what your church is like. They might even look up Google reviews and find other information on social media.

We believe every church is called to reach people who feel far from God. But it’s not enough to hope those who feel lost will walk through the doors of your church on a Sunday morning. Today, people turn to the internet as a primary resource for information and solutions. They also judge the credibility of a business or organization based on the quality of its digital presence. If your church is serious about connecting with those searching for God, then you have to be serious about your online presence.

We’re passionate about your online presence because we care deeply about people who feel far from God. We want to do everything in our power to help those searching souls connect with God in a meaningful way. Our mission is to help them find hope and healing through the ministries of your church, which are already working so hard to serve the community. We’re the bridge that connects the searchers with the solutions.

This is why we work diligently to write church content that makes a difference. We believe your church matters greatly in this world and we want our writing services to increase your church’s ability to impact your city with the truth of God’s love.

Our Services

1. Writing for Church Webpages

It can be challenging to sit before the blank canvas of a webpage needing to be written. It’s even more difficult to ensure that webpage is designed in a way that emphasizes correct keywords, connected to the purpose of the page. Many will assume content should be as short as possible to keep the attention of those searching, but this is a common mistake. Google likes webpages that are between 1,000 and 2,000 words. At Missional Marketing, we know how to write webpages that are not only engaging, but also earn higher placement in Google search results. Our church writing for webpages can help bring online awareness to your church or ministry.


2. Church Public Relations Writing

You have the power to influence the perception of your church in your community. Communication with the public is vital, to let them know what’s going on in your church. You don’t have to wait and wonder how they’ll react or even care about important happenings within your church. We want to help your church build a strategy that will create a positive impression of your church online and in your city. Take control today of the messages you send out for every happening in your church. Let Missional Marketing help you with your public relations writing today.

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3. Church Blogging

Nowadays, it seems like everyone has a blog. There’s a good reason for this. Blogging increases online traffic and awareness to your church and ministry. This is especially true for blogs connected to specific keywords that people are searching for in your area. A well-written blog post can not only increase traffic to your church’s website, but also positively impacts the public perception of your church. Congregants will feel pride sharing posts highlighting a ministry of your church or responding to a recent sermon.

We know it’s a challenge to find time to write a blog, and even more confusing to figure out what type of post could increase traffic to your website and the ministries of your church. The blogging subscription services of Missional Marketing are here to help. We will not only research the types of blog posts needed to increase traffic to your website, but our church writing experts will write content your congregants will love to share.


4. Church Press Release Writing

We want to help you get the word out about your next church event! It’s one thing to spend many hours and a lot of money planning an event, it’s another to figure out how to get people to attend. Every big church event needs an effective press release shared with local and national media. Press releases can not only increase attendance at your event, but impact overall exposure to your church. Press releases have the ability to build your church brand in the community as a church that serves or a church that cares. They’re your way to communicate the ways your church is making a difference while building a relationship with your city. Our church writing experts are ready to write an effective press release that will have a meaningful impact on your next big event.


5. Church Online Reputation Improvement

Sometimes bad things happen to good churches. All it takes is one negative story in the media and suddenly your church is spiraling downward, trying to respond and sometimes even survive. We understand the stress and strain negative stories can place on your church and we want to let you know that we’re here to help.

You don’t have to sit passively waiting for the public perception of your church to change. You can take steps today that can positively influence the perception of your church. While you may not be able to change what’s happened in the past, but you can take action to impact your future. Our team of experts are ready to work on a reputation improvement strategy that help you get back on track and on mission, making a difference in your community.