Local SEO Case Study: The Ark Church Gulf Coast

The Ark Church Gulf Coast is led by Brandon and Brittany Johnson and serves the Galveston County area in Texas. The church has a passion for serving children in the community through kids programs, school participation, and community sports programs. As the church grew, they realized they needed to do more online to let people in their community know about their church and ministries.

A group of people enjoying the football season

How to Attract Newcomers to Church During Football Season

As football season kicks off, many churches face the challenge of attracting newcomers to their services, especially when Sundays compete with highly anticipated sports events like NFL games. The reality is that individuals who are unchurched or pre-Christian are unlikely to choose church over their favorite teams. So, the key question we explored in a recent podcast episode is: how can churches create alternative opportunities to engage with potential newcomers and open doors to their community beyond Sunday services?

The Ultimate Christmas Church Communications Checklist: 7 Steps to Prepare for the Busiest Time of the Christian Year

Christmas can understandably be one of the most stressful times of year for pastors, ministry leaders, and church staff. For church communications teams, the challenge of keeping all the plates spinning can turn a joyful season into one you just hope to survive. At Missional Marketing, we specialize in simplifying and optimizing the stressful tasks of church communications and digital marketing,

Someone aligning block with different icons representing different aspects of culture

Nurturing a Thriving Church Culture: The Heartbeat of Local Ministry

In the local church, the importance of cultivating a vibrant and purpose-driven culture cannot be overstated. While theological tenets and spiritual teachings form the foundation, church culture is what shapes the living, breathing heart of the congregation. In a candid conversation between Jenni Catron, Bart Blair, and Jason Hamrock on a recent episode of the Missional Marketing podcast,

A church communications team connecting pieces of a puzzle to complete their main objective of growing and improving their church

Church Communications that Keep Staff Unified: Key Strategies to Improve Team Integration

In today’s rapidly evolving world, the role of a church communications team is more critical than ever. The art of engaging and connecting with a diverse congregation while maintaining a unified message across multiple platforms and ministries presents a unique challenge. On Missional Marketing’s recent podcast episode, CEO Jason Hamrock interviewed Amy Whitfield,

An image of many people engaging with digital content on their devices

Unlocking Church Marketing Success: Answers to Your Burning Questions

In the realm of church marketing, adapting to the ever-evolving digital landscape is more critical than ever. To guide churches on this journey, we turn to a recent Missional Marketing podcast episode hosted by Bart Blair, which answers your most “burning questions” about church marketing  Featuring insights from Jason Hamrock, CEO of Missional Marketing,

An image of a smart phone with app icons focusing on the Google My Business app.

How to Grow Your Church Through Your Google Business Profile

Do you remember when your church’s website was considered the new front door? Today, that’s no longer the case. Now, your Google Business Profile has become the window into which people peer before they consider approaching your physical location. In this post, we’ll delve into strategies you can use with your Google Business Profile to more effectively promote church growth.

An image showing a network of users and the text "What Is Digital Outreach?"

Digital Outreach Is Crucial for Churches to Help People Grow from Awareness to Attendance

Churches have come a long way in utilizing digital marketing and effective communication strategies to reach more people in their communities. However, many church websites still function as mere brochures, lacking true interoperability to engage and help potential visitors beyond providing basic information. In a recent episode of the Missional Marketing Podcast,

How Churches Can Reach More People Using Google Performance Max Ads

In today’s digital age, churches are constantly seeking innovative ways to connect with local individuals and invite them to visit their church community. One powerful new tool that churches can leverage is Google Performance Max. Utilizing the power of machine learning and AI technology, Performance Max is a cutting-edge Google campaign tool that expands your reach across all Google channels,

A group of volunteers putting their hands together in solidarity of purpose

Cultivating a Flourishing Volunteer Community for Your Church: Strategies for Success

Building a strong volunteer team is crucial for the growth and success of any church. Volunteers play a vital role in carrying out various ministries, serving the community, and spreading the message of faith. However, attracting and retaining dedicated volunteers can be a challenge. In this blog post, we will explore essential strategies and insights to help you build a robust volunteer team for your church.