How The Journey Church Used Google Ad Grants to Grow Their Congregation

Like many churches today, The Journey Church in Avon, Indiana, wanted to expand their digital outreach to connect with more people in their community and beyond. However, they didn’t know how to reach people online and spread the word about their church services and resources effectively. That’s why they turned to the professional marketing team at Missional Marketing to help them optimize their Google Ad Grant.

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Drive Growth Using Proven Strategies to Increase New Visitor Traffic to Your Church Website

In today’s digital environment, establishing a vibrant online media presence is essential for churches aiming to reach a broader audience and connect with potential visitors. Your church website serves as a gateway for newcomers to explore your community, values, and upcoming events. However, attracting new visitors to your website requires intentional strategies and a keen understanding of digital marketing principles.

Why Lead Generation Is Important for Churches

Unlocking Church Growth: The Transformative Power of Lead-Generating Landing Pages
In the digital age, where connectivity is paramount, churches are continually challenged to broaden their reach and find better ways to connect with potential members. When people are looking for spiritual resources, the first place they check is online. Is your church positioned to connect with them there?

Following Up with Easter Visitors: How Churches Can Connect with New Leads

As Easter approaches, churches are preparing for one of the busiest days on the Christian calendar. Easter is an excellent opportunity to invite new visitors and welcome new faces, but what happens next? Adopt an intentional strategy to engage with new visitors beyond Easter Sunday. Otherwise, you’ll miss a meaningful opportunity to connect with those who visit your church.

How Churches Can Reach More People Using Google Performance Max Ads

In today’s digital age, churches are constantly seeking innovative ways to connect with local individuals and invite them to visit their church community. One powerful new tool that churches can leverage is Google Performance Max. Utilizing the power of machine learning and AI technology, Performance Max is a cutting-edge Google campaign tool that expands your reach across all Google channels,

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Should Our Church Manage Its Own Google Ad Grant? Consider 5 Tips from Marketing Pros

Limited budgets confine many churches and nonprofits. Since Christian organizations acknowledge every gift is from God, they try to steward their resources with wisdom. In the process of finding this balance, Google Ad Grants can be a game changer. The $10,000 in paid ads that Google gives qualifying nonprofits can drive more traffic to your website and,

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10 Tips to Maximize Your Church Website Like a Pro

In a recent webinar hosted by, Jason Hamrock, CEO of Missional Marketing, shared valuable insights on how churches can effectively utilize their websites. During the webinar, several thought-provoking questions were posed by David Fletcher, the founder of XPastor, uncovering key considerations for optimizing church websites. If you’ve been wondering how to optimize your church website,

10 Ways to Grow Your Church Through Leads

Churches fill an important role in bringing people together and fostering a sense of community. But as with any organization, growth is crucial for continued success. One effective way for churches to reach new members and grow their congregation is through the use of leads. 
A lead is an individual who has shown interest in your church and provided their contact information for follow-up.

Boosting Your Sermon Blog with the Google Ad Grant: A Case Study

As a church, your goal is to reach as many people as possible with God’s truth. That’s why it’s frustrating to think your pastor spends hours preparing an inspiring sermon for Sunday, only to become an audio file buried somewhere deep within your website on Monday, largely forgotten. 
While posting sermons online is a good start to your digital marketing strategy,

Complete Guide To Google Grants For Churches

Is your church looking to grow your congregation?  With Google’s incredible Google Grant program for non-profits, your church is eligible to receive up to $10,000 per month of free advertising on Google Ads to reach new people searching online in your local area.  You might be thinking to yourself that this sounds too good to be true,