Fall Campaigns

Is Your Church Ready for Your Biggest Fall Event Yet?
The Biggest Community Events are Built on Effective Online Advertising.

Fall is a Great Time for Ministry Events

Fall Events

As the leaves begin to change, churches all over the country plan amazing church events. From fall festivals to special Thanksgiving services, churches are primed for growth during this time of the year.

Individuals will attend a community event long before they’ll ever consider attending your church for the first time. For many people an event is their first exposure to your church. Therefore, one of the best ways to grow your church this fall is to invite as many people as possible to your fall events.

Online Advertising Fuels Fall Church Growth

People are spending more time online than ever before. They’re searching for something to do and seeking genuine connection. The internet continues to be the best place to find local events. Therefore, let your local community know what’s happening this fall in your church and invite them. One ad campaign has the power to reach thousands. As people learn about your fall events, they’ll consider attending your church for the first time on a Sunday morning.

We like to say that church growth starts with a click. So, let your church’s light shine bright online with ads.

Promote Fall Church Events

Fall Festival

People love fall festivals. If your church is holding a Fall Festival, make sure to invite your community. You’ll be surprised how effective online invitations can be for your event and your church. Online ads are a way to make sure your church’s hard work pays off with higher attendance.

Trunk or Treat

Many churches offer a safe and fun alternative to traditional Halloween events by offering Trunk or Treat. This is a great event to serve kids and families in your city. Make sure your community knows about your Trunk or Treat event with digital ads.

Thanksgiving Advertising

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate with family and friends. Many churches will prepare a community meal or hold a special service as a way to serve the community. If your church is preparing something special for Thanksgiving this year, make sure you send out invitations through online advertising.

Church Sports Leagues

For many families fall is a great time for sports! In response, many churches have begun sports leagues as a ministry to local families. If your church hosts a fall sports league, you need to advertise online. As summer ends parents will start looking for activities for their children and your church needs to make sure they know about your church’s sports league.

Ministry Events for Men and Women

Churches are always thinking of new ways to connect with local men and women. Some churches will host book clubs while others throw large community BBQs or car shows. If your church is preparing a ministry event this fall, make sure you take the time to send out digital invites. Online advertising is key to making your event a huge success!

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