Fall Campaigns

If you’re like most churches, your plans for inviting people back to church this Fall mainly involve people who already know you. Reach the unchurched this fall using digital campaigns. We make it hassle free.

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Fall is the perfect time of year to invite unchurched families to make your church part of their new routine. Digital advertising campaigns can immediately connect the unchurched in your community with your fall events, thereby increasing attendance.

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New Sermon Series

Promoting a new sermon series you are launching in the fall can be a simple yet effective way to raise awareness and get people to try out your church. If you’re especially looking to reach out to a younger demographic of unchurched, consider planning a sermon series focused on a topic that appeals to young adults, and running a millennial focused advertising campaign.

Back to School

Back To School

If your church holds a “Back to School” event, promoting it online can be a great way to reach unchurched families with school-aged children. Some churches like to get creative with their back to school outreach, by partnering with a local school or shelter to donate backpacks filled with school supplies for children.

Fall Festival

Fall Festival

The Fall Festival (or similar) is a time-honored tradition for many churches. Help bolster attendance with a digital advertising campaign to raise awareness and bring some new families to your event.


Sporting Events

Fall is the busiest season for sports, and a great time to promote your sport related ministries. Whether it is a flag-football game or a trip down to the ballpark, sport related events can create comfortable, low-pressure outings for unchurched families to check out your church.

Ministry Event

Other Ministry Events

Regardless of the nature of your event, we can come up with a plan to reach the unchurched in your community with online advertising. Schedule a chat with us today to talk about creating a plan tailored for your event.

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