In times of great uncertainty, the Church is called to spread hope. Churches around the world are battling limitations from COVID-19, but the truth is there’s never been a better time to use technology to our advantage. We're here to help.

Think of all the people working from home over the next few weeks. While they're sitting home "working", you know they are scrolling through websites and social media much more than they typically would at their office. What a great time to ramp up your reach in Google, Facebook and Instagram!

Whether you're in a hurry to Set up Church Online, need Online Sermon Video Consulting, Online Giving Consulting, an ad campaign inviting people to watch online, or simply need some website troubleshooting - we've got you covered.

A Message from our Team

"Watch our Church Online" or “Church at Home” Ad Campaigns

By conducting virtual services, you can continue to reach hundreds or even thousands of community members, including those who aren’t yet a part of your congregation. We’re here to help you get the message out through targeted ad campaigns letting current and potential church members know they can count on you to keep showing up and guiding them spiritually in this challenging time, even though things aren’t “church as usual.” While families are cooped up inside for social distancing measures, it’s actually the perfect time to check out a church from the safe comforts of their home while also benefiting from an uplifting message of hope and resilience.

Once your church is live streaming or has pre-recorded sermons in place, you’ve set the stage for adding a fantastic outreach tool for ALL generations (especially younger ones). That tool is an Ad Campaign in one or more of the following platforms:
  • Google Ad Grants
  • Google Display
  • Facebook / Instagram

Google Ad Grant Campaigns for Online Church

As experts in the Google Ad Grant for churches, we’ll help your church be found online by new people in this most critical time. We’ll handle the entire process, from application and campaign setup to ongoing management. We’ll target local people searching with keywords like “fun family activities”, “online church”, and “best online churches”. FIND OUT MORE

Google Search Network Ad Examples

Adwords Ad Preview Adwords Ad Preview Adwords Ad Preview Adwords Ad Preview Adwords Ad Preview

Google Display Network Ad Examples

Google Display Ad Preview Google Display Ad Preview Google Display Ad Preview Google Display Ad Preview Google Display Ad Preview

Facebook Ad Examples for Outreach / New Visitors

Church at Home Online Church

Facebook Ad Examples for Church Family / Congregation Members

We Miss You Don't Miss Church

"Keep on tithing" or “Don’t Forget Your Giving” ad campaigns

The COVID-19 pandemic will pass, but church expenses continue. Encourage your congregation to keep on giving, using this difficult time to expand the Kingdom through their generosity. Our experts can help you run campaigns to inspire and uplift your members and keep their tithing on track.
Keep on Tithing Keep on Tithing

Facebook custom audiences

Looking for more ways to stay in front of your existing congregation? We’ll utilize Facebook custom audiences to ensure that your ad campaigns reach your church’s members and attendees while they’re at home, scrolling Facebook and Instagram. We can set up and manage your custom audiences to help you shepherd your flock.
Facebook Custom Audiences Facebook Custom Audiences

Fast Deployment of a Video Landing Page

Need to quickly launch a landing page for your online church services? We can set up and launch a page dedicated to your online services fast! As you prepare to stream your services on Sunday, let us set up your video landing page today. Simply fill out the form below and we'll get in touch with you shortly.