Facebook is an astonishing advertising vehicle for churches. It offers the most targeted features of any online advertising platform to date. This highly effective online advertising tool has the ability to reach your exact target base within your own local area.

Are you looking for a comprehensive church Facebook advertising solution? We can help.

The Power of Church Advertising Goes Deep

The Power of Church Advertising Goes Deep

The Facts as of 2020:

On average, users spend

58 minutes

per day on Facebook.

Facebook has more than

2.45 billion

monthly active users

According to Pew Research Center

7 out of 10

(or 71%) of U.S. adults use Facebook.

The only platform that has Facebook beat with this demographic is YouTube, with 74%. Less than four-in-ten U.S. adults use Instagram.

One of the most important things to remember about Facebook’s massive audience is that it will include people who don’t currently go to church. We can help you reach unchurched people and offer them a warm and welcoming invitation to your church!

Facebook Church Campaign Ads

Here are some great examples of effective Facebook ads for church seasonal events, sermon series, and more:

How do we run a Facebook Advertising campaign?

We’ll do all the heavy lifting for you. Our expert ad production team will create artwork (you can create a video if you wish), build the campaign, audience, geo-targeted area, parameters, and run-time, depending on your budget and goals. Then once you see the ads and give us your approval, we launch your campaign and track the performance.

After the launch, we monitor the campaign until its conclusion, ensuring that we’ve met our goals. Once complete, we generate a detailed report that shows you exactly what was accomplished.

Our process is simple, effective, and is proven to bring new people to your church!

Get Started

To engage our team for your church’s Facebook advertising efforts, you can contact us by doing any one of the following:
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Take advantage of your church’s growth potential and invite your surrounding community with the most effective digital outreach strategies using the Facebook (and Instagram) advertising platform. We’re excited to help you grow your church!