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Why Choose ROCK for your Church Website?

There are many excellent reasons to choose ROCK as your Church Management System which are well documented on the ROCK RMS website. When it comes to choosing a platform for your church website specifically, we believe there is one main advantage of choosing ROCK which stands above the rest.

ROCK removes the gap between your Church Management System and your Church Website Content Management System.

When it comes to selecting a Church Management System (ChMS) to help your church, there are several full-featured options out there. Similarly, when considering the platform on which to build your church website, there are countless Content Management Systems (CMS) which could do the job - some more popular than others, and some specific to churches.

In most cases, these two systems - your ChMS and the CMS of your church website - exist with a wall between them, and don't work together in any fashion. This is the reality for most churches. Depending on your choice of church website platform, it's quite possible that this is the only scenario achievable, as your website CMS may lack the flexibility needed to build a bridge to certain functions of your ChMS. Wall between Church Management System and Church Website Content Management System

In some cases, Church Management Systems have provided APIs to expose various functionality for use by church websites willing to invest the effort to bridge the gap. There are even instances where a ChMS (or 3rd party developers) have invested resources to develop some specific integration for a particularly popular website CMS, like Wordpress. However, this integration is always limited by the development efforts an organization is willing to invest in building the bridge. API between Church Management System and Church Website Content Management System Two-way API between Church Management System and Church Website Content Management System

This is where ROCK is different. ROCK RMS encompasses both your ChMS and your church website CMS. Rather than investing time and resources into bridging the gap between your ChMS and church website, ROCK RMS removes the gap entirely. ROCK RMS removes the gap between Church Management System and church website Content Management System

Looking for help deciding if ROCK RMS is right for your church? Contact us today and we'd be happy to help evaluate whether ROCK will be a good fit for your needs.


ROCK is an incredibly powerful platform, but the fundamentals of what of what makes a great ROCK powered website are not unique to the platform. Click the three pillars below to learn more about how Missional Marketing approaches ROCK website development.

Custom Design to Fit the Identity of Your Church

Unlike some extremely popular CMS offerings (such as Wordpress) that have a countless number of existing themes to be leveraged, at present ROCK only has a handful of themes publicly available - and these are mostly intended to be "starting points" for further development rather than finished products. As a result, when we build a ROCK website for a church we always first establish our goal design fundamentals through the production and iteration of mockups, which we then build into a custom ROCK theme.

While this approach does take time and effort, it also ensures that we're on the same page as the church, and building a custom theme means that the church has the freedom to achieve the look and feel that they desire. If you'd like to see examples of Missional Marketing church website designs in action, please check out our porfolio. Note that while many of the sites displayed in the portfolio are Wordpress driven, ROCK provides such freedom and flexibility that any design is feasible - the only limitation is your imagination.

A User Experience Focused on Church Growth

Your church website has different audiences. Most churches already have a good idea of the user experience they want their website to provide the people who already attend their church. At Missional Marketing, we've spent years analyzing data to determine what creates the best user experience for new visitors to your church website, to best convert them from a new website visitor into a new in-person visitor at your next service. First and foremost, we build church websites that help churches grow.

Thanks to our years of experience in analyzing church website conversions, analytics, and user behaviors, we know the most important elements of your site for engaging web traffic and producing in-person visits. From crucial menu items to above-the-fold content and absolutely imperative calls-to-action, we know just what your website needs to start working for you.

Want to know more about the most important components of an effective church website? Perhaps the two most important pages for engaging new visitor traffic are your homepage and Plan a Visit page. Check out example mockups of these two pages for the fictitious Missional Church:

Sample Church Homepage Mockup Thumbnail
Sample Church Plan a Visit Page Mockup Thumbnail
Be Found By The Unchurched Online

Impressive design combined with strong usability will surely produce a great church website, but without a steady stream of new visitors reaching it, much of the value to your church will be lost. Superior SEO practices will help your new church website be found in searches by people looking for a church, or by people searching for help that your church offers. With these three pillars working in parallel, we now have a completed recipe for church growth via your ROCK website.

The reality is that SEO in ROCK RMS can be tricky. Some core features of ROCK weren't developed with SEO best-practices in mind, and the result is that it is easy to make significant SEO mistakes when building a ROCK powered website. However, due to the flexibility and freedom that ROCK provides, pristine SEO is achievable as well - as long as you know what you're doing.

With Missional Marketing building your ROCK website, you can rest assured that these pitfalls will be avoided. We've actually published three "Recipes" on the official ROCK RMS website to help churches with their ROCK SEO efforts. If you're interested, you can find them here:

Concerned about migrating data from your old ChMS into ROCK RMS? Missional Marketing does not engage in ChMS data migration. However, we'd be happy to connect you with one of our Recommended Partners that specialize in ROCK RMS data manipulation.

Our Most Recent Rock RMS Website Builds

CrossPoint Church
Journey Church
First Presbyterian Church Greenville

CrossPoint Church

CrossPoint's Rock website build presented some unique challenges. They had an existing Rock website developed using a proprietary Bootstrap template that had been ported into a Rock theme. This understandably gave their site a "corporate" feel they were looking to get away from, as the Bootstrap template was primarily developed for use by businesses.

We built a new custom Rock theme for Crosspoint with styling in place such that any legacy content from their previous theme would function while being aesthetically massaged into the new desired look and feel.

Additionally, because CrossPoint has a large number of campus locations (currently 12, with more coming soon), the ability for the new Rock site to heavily leverage campus attributes and provide a strong "location selection" user experience was paramount.

Journey Church

Journey Church had been using Rock as their church management system for some time, but was relying on a Squarespace powered external facing website. This gap between Squarespace and Rock did not allow Journey to pursue a lot of the deeper, more complex user-experience options that they wanted to be a part of their website.

Alongside a full rebrand, we developed a custom Rock theme for Journey under a very tight timeline, ultimately delivering on-time and on-budget.

First Presbyterian Church Greenville

FPC Greenville had an existing Rock website with a very large amount of content. However, it was using a basic variation of the default Stark theme, making it aesthetically unimpressive. We developed a custom theme to provide a wide variety of aesthetic options for various types of content. Additionally, new functional capabilities were added to the website, such as dynamic livestream loading based on the current time.

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