We Are A Christian Advertising Marketing Agency that Specializes in Churches


To fulfill our part of the Great Commission in the local church through digital technology.

Our Approach to Serving Churches


We strive to be an innovative all-in-one digital marketing solution for churches. From our digital strategy to our knowledgeable account management team, excellence is always our goal. We have built tools for our clients such as customized portals and dashboards. We combine powerful outreach efforts with all the analytics of your online assets to deliver engaged leads and effortless follow-up options.

With our remote communications outsourcing, we’ll step in and fill any pain points or gaps in your communications department. All the while, our R&D team relentlessly pursues new technologies in the interest of growing churches and furthering the Kingdom. No matter your church’s size or stage of growth, we’re ready to help craft a customized offering that fits your organization’s budget and goals.


We help churches reach people online.


We believe in hard work, respect, honesty, and trust.  We put others before ourselves, tackling challenges with tenacity and candor.

We create and source the latest and greatest technology.  We make informed decisions using concrete analytics, rather than relying on guesswork or hunches.

We strive to provide thoughtful and prompt answers to client questions within one business day. We strive to respond to internal communications in a timely fashion.

We believe the smallest details matter, encompassing every interaction, process, and relationship.

Meet the Team


The partners of Missional Marketing have deep working relationships going back over 25 years. They love the local church and have been on staff, active volunteers, and group participants for many years. They’re passionate about healthy church growth and grateful to play their part in The Great Commission.
Jason Hamrock Missional Marketing Jason Hamrock CEO / Partner
Jason Hamrock Jason guides the vision for where he believes God is leading Missional Marketing as we serve the Church. He is passionate about helping churches become better at reaching the "One ahead of the 99." He believes the church is the hope of the world for bringing people into a relationship with Jesus. He loves to talk with churches every day. It fills him up! He loves to wonder and invent when consulting with church clients. He has met with and consulted hundreds of churches all over the country. He was a Communications Director for 11 years at Central Christian Church of Arizona. He speaks at conferences throughout the year and on our podcast. He joined Missional Marketing in 2015 and was named CEO in July 2017.
Chuck Donnels Missional Marketing Chuck Donnels COO / Partner
Chuck Donnels Chuck directs the delivery of our subscription and advertising services. He’s an expert in Google AdWords, Google Grants, and gleaning actionable insights from Google Analytics and Search Console. Along with his extensive knowledge in setting up and tracking website conversion goals, Chuck uses cutting edge tools such as Heat Maps and Funnel Analytics to improve website performance. Chuck has a master’s degree from Stanford.
Kevin Peck Missional Marketing Kevin Peck CFO / Partner
Kevin Peck Kevin oversees our finance and accounting activities including accounts payable and accounts receivable. He also oversees our CRM and is actively involved in onboarding new church clients by serving as a presenter at many of our traveling church luncheons. Kevin has a bachelor’s degree from Purdue.
Earl Ricker Missional Marketing Earl Ricker R & D Director / Partner
Earl Ricker Earl keeps us in step with the ever-advancing technology curve as the architect of many of our most innovative products and services. He frequently serves as Senior Project Manager on our larger, more complex projects. He’s among our most knowledgeable team members on the topics of SEO and SEO Content and is also the partner responsible for the delivery of websites built by our outstanding development team. Earl has a bachelor’s degree from Northern Michigan University.

Our Team

Our entire team is passionate about church growth. We are skilled in all areas of church communications, Google AdWords, Web Design and Development, Local SEO, On-Page SEO, SEO Content Creation, writing, design, brand creation, and interpreting website analytics and conversion goals. We love to help churches with their marketing and communications strategy, but also go deep with digital tools that are used to help you focus on reaching new people. When you work with one of us, it's very likely many people from our team are engaged in the work we are doing for your church.
Cat LaPlante Missional Marketing Cat LaPlante Agency Account Director
Cat LaPlante Cat is a professional organizer of chaos with extensive work experience in project and program management. Cat is known as a servant leader who gets things done with quality balance while stirring many pots at once. Prior to her work at Missional Marketing, she wrote and taught curricula used in both the public school sector and for-profit businesses. She is a published writer with a passion for Bible literacy and apologetics who is thrilled to bring her gifts to the "big C" Church. Cat earned a bachelor's degree in International Affairs and a master's degree in Education and Human Development from George Washington University and also holds a master's degree in Theological Studies.
Bart Blair Missional Marketing Bart Blair Church Growth Coach
Bart Blair With 17 years of experience in church planting and pastoral ministry, Bart works with church leaders to plan and execute effective digital outreach strategies in order to reach more people and grow the local church. You may recognize him as one of several presenters for our church leader luncheons. He has a clear calling and gifting in helping churches turn their focus towards impacting communities for Jesus and understands the need to prioritize marketing efforts based on an organization’s unique circumstances. Bart is ordained in the Charis Fellowship of Churches.
Zac Bernauer Zac Bernauer Church Growth Coach
Zac Bernauer Zac Bernauer is an Account Manager at Missional Marketing. Zac brings ministry experience as a Digital Media/Student Pastor for over four years.  Zac has completed his Master's degree in Theological Studies, along with his undergraduate in Pastoral Studies. He is passionate about churches developing their online presence to reach people for the gospel of Jesus.
Nick Schultz Missional Marketing Nick Schultz Church Growth Coach
Nick Schultz Prior to serving as one of our Church Growth Coaches, Nick was a member of our Production Team.  He was responsible for the creative art that churches will use in social media campaigns, as well as building social media campaigns on all platforms.  Nick joined our team with a background in church communications as a former creative and worship director.
Kim Tarlton Missional Marketing Kim Tarlton General Manager, Church Communications Group
Kim Tarlton Kim is a creative leader. She has been Creative Director for 26 years at mega-churches in Southern California and Indiana—leading creatives in Communications, Video, Design, Worship, Production & Family Ministry. Strategic and creative planning is her secret sauce. Get in the room or on a call with Kim for creative brainstorming or plan your next series or event with her. You will leave that meeting excited & energized, with plenty of ideas and practical ways to see those ideas through to completion. Kim is excited to join the Missional Marketing Team to continue serving churches to help empower leaders, build next-level marketing, coach creatives and invest in organizational development. 
Maddie Hall - Account Manager Maddie Hall Church Communications Group Coach
Maddie Hall Maddie leads the communications consulting division of our company, specializing in marketing and communications strategy. Having worked both in the marketplace and for the church, she is passionate about helping churches understand how business strategies can lead to organizational growth. Prior to working at Missional Marketing, Maddie was the Communications Director at Northview Church, a multisite church in Indianapolis. Maddie has a bachelor's degree in marketing and an MBA in ethics and leadership.
Jennifer Clauser Missional Marketing Jennifer Clauser Church Communications Group Coach
Jennifer Clauser Jenn is an experienced Church Communications professional who feels her call is to “Curate Content that Calls Hearts” (Jeremiah 1:4-10). She uses that call to creatively extend the Gospel message and strategic vision of the church. Jenn has been featured on Esther Littlefield’s, Christian Women’s Leadership Podcast (Episode 146), The UnSeminary Podcast, speaking on Pandemic Learnings from Church Online, and has been a guest speaker in the She Leads Church Conference in March of 2021. She is passionate about church growth whether that is from the ground up, or through innovative use of creativity, processes, and resources to extend outreach. Jenn sees online as a mission field ready to be reached in the name of Jesus.
Colette Smith Missional Marketing Colette Smith Church Communications Group Assistant
Colette Smith Colette is a Church Communications Coach for Missional Marketing. She has over 6 years of church and non-profit marketing experience. Colette will be coaching churches in communications and managing projects to assist with church growth. She has a degree in Marketing from Colorado State University Online.
Shanna Thompson Shanna Thompson Project Manager
Shanna Thompson With more than 15 years of ministry experience, Shanna joined the Missional Marketing team in 2021 as a Coordinator. Shanna not only brings hands-on ministry experience to our team with a background in Children's and Outreach Ministries, but also has extensive experience in Creative Project Management and Communications all within a multi-campus megachurch in Indianapolis, IN. She is excited to help churches plan ahead in order to make the most impact in their local communities across the country.
Meghan Nanan Meghan Nanan Project Manager
Meghan Nanan Meghan has worked with the Missional Marketing Communications team since early 2021. She has worked as a Video Producer for Sermon Clips, Youtube SEO Specialist, Wordpress Coordinator, and a Project Manager.
Megan Oswald Missional Marketing Megan Oswald Project Manager for Nonprofits
Megan Oswald Megan joined the Missional Marketing team in 2022. With over 15 years of management and consulting experience, the last 5 being primarily focused on nonprofit organizations, Megan brings a wealth of understanding and process management experience to the team. She received her B.S. in Business Management from Florida State University and, when she is not assisting clients, she works at her church as the Journey Director, connecting new visitors to groups, volunteer opportunities, and community.
Brittany Brittany Bookout Communications Project Manager
Brittany Bookout With over 15 years of ministry experience, Brittany’s roles as Events Manager and Creative Director extend beyond the visual. Over the years, she has honed her skills, evolving into a versatile and visionary leader in the realm of creative direction. She is a catalyst for cultivating an inclusive and welcoming environment within the church. Her vision extends to creating environments where individuals feel not only seen but deeply understood.
Katie Allred Katie Allred Director of Curriculum
Katie Allred Katie grew up in Alabama at a church her family planted in 1818—a year before Alabama became a state. She loves social media, the internet, creating community, and telling a good story. She holds a degree in Computer Information Systems, as well as a master’s in Web Design and Online Communication. She is the Director of Curriculum and is developing CC Pro content for the Church Communications Group. She founded the Church Communications Facebook Group in 2015.
David Thorne Missional Marketing David Thorne Research & Development
David Thorne David is an Account Manager on special projects and has worked with Missional Marketing since 2017. He’s also among our top producers of SEO Content writing. David is working on a doctorate in leadership studies and has master's degrees in management and leadership, counseling, and practical theology.
Jason Collier Missional Marketing Jason Collier Senior Developer
Jason Collier Jason is our lead senior web developer. His thumbprint is found on every project we undertake. He handles the most complex needs that arise in connection with client work and has a major voice in all of our client-facing production processes. He’s also the senior developer on our proprietary tools and services, including the Keyword Analyzer Tool, The Millennial Content Analyzer Tool, The Sermon Video Library, and the Church Growth Console. Jason has a Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) in Software from The University of Calgary.
Ainsworth Ellis Missional Marketing Ainsworth Ellis Web Designer / Developer
Ainsworth Ellis Ainsworth has been a vital member of our team since 2017. He has 15 years of experience working as a visual designer and can bring any project to life, offering insight and a level of polish that can only come with many years of experience. Ainsworth studied Visual Arts at Centennial College.
Belinda Boydston Missional Marketing Belinda Boydston Website Project Manager
Belinda Boydston Belinda has over 18 years of experience in web development and is an experienced Project Manager who oversees our Local SEO, On-Page SEO, and Website Builds. She generates reports to keep our church clients informed about the progress of the work. She also manages the tasks assigned to developers, graphic designers, writers, and SEO specialists. Belinda graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Master of Arts (M.A.) from Pensacola Christian College.
Kim Missional Marketing Kim Lopez Church Originations Specialist
Kim Lopez Kim is one of the first from our company to talk with new churches. She loves to speak with churches and provide direction for their needs. She wants to help you by aligning your needs with what we do! Kim is always ready to have a conversation with you and give you direction.
Jeremy Katherman Missional Marketing Jeremy Katherman Web Designer / Developer
Jeremy Katherman Jeremy wears many hats at Missional Marketing. He helps with online visuals and improves client SEO and user engagement. He attended Pennsylvania College of Technology (Penn State) as a Web Design Specialist and uses the online nature of his work to serve as a bi-vocational pastor and missionary overseas.
Jordan Cecile Missional Marketing Jordan Cecile SEO Specialist
Jordan Cecile Jordan has been in digital marketing for over 8 years and has helped organizations all over the world to improve their online presence. He specializes in SEO, Online Advertising, User Experience, Web Analytics, & Conversion Rate Optimization. Jordan has his business degree from the University of Western Ontario, and in addition to working with Missional Marketing, he also teaches digital marketing to entrepreneurs at various startup incubators.
Brittany Tate Missional Marketing Brittany Tate Ad Coordinator
Brittany Tate Brittany provides support for Subscription and Sermon Video Library clients. She bridges the gap between church staff and the Missional Marketing team to ensure campaigns launch with timeliness and accuracy to achieve utmost effectiveness in promoting church events, sermon series, and ministries. Brittany also creates, monitors, and manages campaigns at the root level to ensure performance goals are achieved.
Anna Hurtt Missional Marketing Anna Hurtt Social Media Coordinator
Anna Hurtt Anna has been a social media specialist for 7 years and has written content and created social strategies for a multitude of businesses and organizations. Her background in ministry fuels her passion for helping churches and nonprofits. Anna thrives on building meaningful connections, fostering communities, and sharing the hope and encouragement of Jesus' love to the online world.
Sarah Gibson Missional Marketing Sarah Gibson Dashboard & Conversions Specialist
Sarah Gibson Sarah joined the Missional Marketing team in 2022. She is responsible for managing and implementing all of our dashboard and Google Analytic conversion and reporting. With an eye for detail, she helps Missional Marketing continue to improve analytic processes and feedback to all of our clients.
Kirsten Jeffrey Missional Marketing Matt Wilson Web Developer
Matt Wilson From South Carolina, Matt has over 20 years experience in web and application development. He is mainly focused on Microsoft technologies including .NET, C#, SQL Server, and Azure Cloud, with an Azure Foundations certification as well as a certification in Cosmos DB. Matt is married with 5 kids and enjoys Triathlons and Formula 1 racing!
Debbie Porter Missional Marketing Debbie Porter Church Meeting Coordinator
Debbie Porter Debbie works closely with church clients in deploying new projects to our production team. She will often talk to church clients in following-up with new proposals. She is a Customer Service expert and can answer any question you may have regardless if you are a client of ours or want to learn more. Debbie has been with the company since 2011.
Christine Peck Missional Marketing Christine Peck Google Ads Specialist
Christine Peck Christine has been a part of our Google Ads team since 2014. She plays a crucial role in monitoring and optimizing Google Search Campaigns for Missional Marketing clients. She’s experienced in Google Ads and has held a certification since 2015.
Rebecca Powell Missional Marketing Rebecca Powell Graphic Designer
Rebecca Powell Rebecca’s been a graphic designer with Missional Marketing since 2012. She loves using her graphic abilities to reach the unchurched. She takes initial ideas from the client and builds an imagery campaign to not only convey an impactful message but also to reach those who don’t yet understand the client’s purpose and mission. Rebecca graduated with a B.S. one year early from one of the country’s top art and design schools, Rochester Institute of Technology.
Alexis Sayers Missional Marketing Alexis Sayers Sermon Video Library Admin
Alexis Sayers Alexis joined the Missional Marketing team in 2020 to assist with our Sermon Video Library services. She provides transcription services and assigns SEO metadata keywords to church sermons so that they can be easily found in Google.
Shay Clinch Missional Marketing Shay Clinch SEO Specialist
Shay Clinch Shay’s been a member of the Missional Marketing team since 2016. He carries out SEO work on both client and Missional Marketing websites. He has 7+ years of experience in SEO and has worked with several companies in-house, and also in-agency. Shay holds a master’s degree in eCommerce from the University of Cork.
Brookolyn Newton Missional Marketing Carly Sandstrom Sermon Video Library Admin
Carly Sandstrom Carly joined the Missional Marketing team in 2020 to assist with our Sermon Video Library services. She assigns SEO metadata and keywords to church sermons so that they can be more easily found in Google.
Elizabeth Blair - Account Coordinator Missional Marketing Elizabeth Blair Account Coordinator
Elizabeth Blair Elizabeth brings 30 years of business experience to the team.  A thoughtful and passionate business professional with an eye for detail, an ability to spot opportunities and provide value to the businesses she works with.  Elizabeth supports the Missional Marketing team with a variety of online marketing tasks.
Karen Fitzgerald Missional Marketing Karen Fitzgerald Church Meeting Coordinator
Karen Fitzgerald Karen works closely with our CEO, Jason Hamrock, in managing his calendar. She helps our team coordinate meetings and proposal follow-ups with our church clients. As a member of the Missional Marketing team since 2013, she serves our Christian business owners through our Church Business Directory platform and digital marketing packages.
Mike Chiapperino Missional Marketing Mike Chiapperino Writer
Mike Chiapperino Mike Chiapperino, with more than 20 years of experience creating a wide array of communications tools for Christian ministries, serves Missional Marketing and its clients by writing blog posts, marketing materials, website content, and other projects. Mike’s passion -- and specialty -- is creating compelling, user-friendly content that engages readers on an emotional level and calls them to action.
Patty Ricker Missional Marketing Patty Ricker Accounts Receivable
Patty Ricker Patty anchors our accounts receivable activities and oversees invoicing for all of our church and business clients. In addition to being on the Missional Marketing team since 2010, she also worked for the iconic advertising agency McCann Erickson for 15 years.
Deanna Grams Missional Marketing Deanna Grams Ad Coordinator
Deanna Grams Deanna works with Christian business owners to create ads for their church business directories and Facebook pages. She also posts ads for churches on their business directory Facebook pages on a weekly basis. She wears many hats in production, including the role of transcribing and posting sermons for church Sermon Video Libraries. She’s worked in customer service since 1982 and has been with Missional Marketing since 2013.
Ashley Burdick Missional Marketing Ashley Burdick Ad Coordinator
Ashley Burdick Having joined Missional Marketing in 2011, Ashley’s main role is serving as a digital campaign coordinator. She manages and monitors Facebook campaigns for clients, regularly earning training certificates for Facebook’s ever-changing platform. She also creates and updates dashboards that allow clients to stay up-to-date with their campaign goals.
Cindi Olson Missional Marketing Cindi Olson Production Coordinator
Cindi Olson Cindi is a production coordinator and serves as an integral part of our Sermon Video Library team. She processes and oversees all sermons as they’re uploaded, assigning critical SEO metadata and strategic keywords on every sermon processed. Cindi also works in the areas of market research, data, and luncheon planning for Missional Marketing. She graduated magna cum laude from Northern Michigan University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
Kirsten Jeffrey Missional Marketing Kirsten Jeffrey Interruptive Ad Specialist
Kirsten Jeffrey Kirsten enjoys getting to be creative while building eye-catching interruptive campaigns. She finds it very rewarding to use her skills in a way that she knows is growing the local church.

Our History

Missional Marketing History Timeline
Missional Marketing was founded in 2008. The first service offered was a church business directory under the brand name Gdirect. At the time, the country was in a deep recession and a business directory provided a good way for churches to engage business leaders.

This initial experience ignited a deep passion for our team to fully utilize Google for the benefit of the local church. As we evolved into a full-blown church marketing agency, we rebranded under the name Missional Marketing. While Gdirect is still our legal name, we now do business as Missional Marketing. We are also involved as co-owners of ChurchCommunications.com. Church Communications exists to help churches become better communicators, to both their internal audience and external audience.

We are a remote company (and spend a lot of time on Zoom!)

We're all over the country and we love being on Zoom. We do travel to see each other and churches quite often. Three of four active partners are located in the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area. One partner resides in the suburbs of Sacramento, California.

Even though we're located throughout the United States, we have staff in Canada, Ireland, and Malaysia. Our total team size is over 60 people including team members and independent contractors.

Missional Marketing Team Locations

We Are A Google Premier Partner

Google Analytics Google Search Mobile Adwords Advertising Google Adwords Youtube Google Tag Manager
Google has recognized many of our team members as Google Ads certified professionals, meaning that they’ve passed various assessments confirming their product expertise. In short, we are exceptionally well qualified to help you grow your church on the web using Google Ads.

Remaining always on the cutting edge of Google tools, our team members possess the following Google Certifications:
  • Google Ads Fundamentals
  • Search Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Video Advertising

Why We Do Church Marketing

This is our ministry. We care deeply about the 1 ahead of the 99. We always focus on those who do not yet know Jesus and we believe the best place for someone to come to know God is in your church. Marketing is simply extending an invitation to those in your community to come and experience a God who loves them. When one person is saved, Heaven rejoices! And so do we. We love to partner with churches that have that same goal.

Jason Hamrock

At Missional Marketing, we’ve built a team of extremely talented people who could use their talents in a variety of ways, but have chosen to engage in Kingdom-centered work. We believe that helping churches and church leaders to leverage modern digital tools will multiply the number of people finding hope through a relationship with Jesus.

Our Approach to Serving Churches

Our Approach to Serving Churches
  • We value strong communication with our clients.
  • We strive to produce work on time.
  • We keep our clients informed on budgetary progress.
Once a church has chosen to retain us for any one of our products or services, we start our work with a kick-off meeting where we orient the church to the specific details of the job at hand. This usually requires the church to provide us with login credentials to one or several online assets, such as the back-end of their website, their hosting provider, or social media account authorizations.

For several of our more dynamic and complex services, such as web development or On-Page SEO, we provide the church with a weekly progress report via email. We also provide periodic written reports for our subscription and digital advertising services.

If a church has retained us for any one of our subscription-based services, we meet with them every sixty days to review their analytics dashboard and make recommendations with the goal of increasing web traffic and conversions.

If something goes wrong, we make ourselves available to talk and we want to fix it. All of our coaches have the authority to approve “make-good” work in the cases where we’ve made a mistake.
ServicePrincipal in ChargeCoachProject Manager
Website BuildsJason HamrockKim TarltonShanna Thompson
Local SEOJason CollierBart BlairBelinda Boydston
On-Page SEOJason CollierBart BlairBelinda Boydston
Website Migration ServicesJason CollierBart BlairBelinda Boydston
Google AdvertisingChuck DonnelsChristine PeckAshley Burdick
Sermon Video LibraryChuck DonnelsBrittany TateBelinda Boydston
Interruptive Online AdsChuck DonnelsRebecca PowellBrittany Tate
Analytics & Search Console SubscriptionChuck DonnelsBrittany TateBelinda Boydston