Christmas Campaigns

It’s time to start thinking about Christmas and who you will invite to your Christmas services.
Let us help you reach the unchurched and bring them to your services this Christmas season.

Christmas Is When The Unchurched Are Most Receptive

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  • LifeWay Research found that 6 of 10 Americans attend church during Christmas.
  • Amongst those who don’t attend, 57% would come if someone invited them.
  • Younger Americans are less likely to participate in a service or Christmas mass than their elders. 53% percent of those 18 to 24 say they attend church at Christmas, compared to nearly 70% of those who are 35 + years old.

A Complete Outreach Solution

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Missional Marketing will provide a complete advertising solution for your church’s campaign. We’ll optimize your campaign investment between the Google Search, Google Display, and Facebook Audience Networks based on the specific circumstances and goals of your church.

Additionally, we’ll make sure that retargeting is in place so that visitors who reach your church website from your Christmas campaign can be reminded about your church at a later time.

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