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What We Do

To help your church website be found in organic searches, we offer services in Crawlability, Speed, and Security. We provide any combination of these three services based on a church’s specific needs and budget, and our team is well versed in helping church leadership to prioritize these goals.

Note: If you’re interested in Local SEO for your church, please check out our Local Church SEO Boost. If you wish to understand the difference between Local SEO and the On-Page SEO services described on this page, please read our blog titled Local SEO Versus On-Page SEO for Churches [Clearing Up the Confusion].


Our Services

Our Crawlability service includes keyword research, optimization of all metadata, and sharing a sitemap with Google. Speed includes taking the necessary steps to make the webpage load faster, such as minification of CSS and Javascript, and reducing media file sizes across the entire website. Security involves procuring and installing a certificate, along with making modifications to the website to ensure there are no mixed-content errors and that SSL is being forced.

What to Expect

The deliverables for these services include a before and after SEO report, along with a multi-tab excel spreadsheet detailing each of the following:
  • A website crawl that shows the metadata before and after the crawlability work is performed
  • A list of high-value blogging topics based on Felt Need keywords
  • A list of high-value keywords
  • A list of pages with low content
We commonly see websites SEO score move from the 60s into the 90s after the completion of our work. arrow

Google Analytics & Search Console Subscription

How It Works

The processes we employ help your church be found in Google by people when they search for answers to questions about marriage, divorce, parenting, finance, mental health, and many other felt-need topics. Today, people are searching for answers online. When they are looking for answers, Google is often where they turn to. You want your church to be the one who will answer these questions, and lead the lost into the arms of your church.

Our team will analyze your entire website, and make recommendations to improve your on-page SEO. This will include analysis of your H1, Title and Meta Tags, Image Alt Tags, Keywords, Content, Backlinks Load Speed and URL Structure.

Keyword Research
The next step is to conduct keyword research, to identify the most valuable keywords in your area that your site should be targeting. This will provide a detailed report of what keywords get the most traffic in your locality, and how you are ranking against other churches nearby.

Our team will implement all the findings from step 1 & 2. Your entire site will be optimized towards certain keywords, to ensure you get the highest possible volume of traffic from Google.

Google Analytics will be deployed on your website, so that all improvements can be carefully tracked and monitored.

We provide a detailed report to each client that outlines our recommendations, and the results of our work compared with stats from before.


How we can help

Churches across the country have trusted us to optimize their websites with SEO to attract new visitors and help their churches grow.


In the analysis phase, our team will perform an in-depth crawl of your whole website. This will give us data on how your website is currently performing, and how we should proceed in the SEO optimization process to improve crawlability. We will be looking at the following criteria:

  • H1, Title and Meta Tags
  • Image Alt Tage
  • Page Load Speed
  • URL Structure
  • Keyword Usage
  • Content Analysis
  • Backlinks
  • Website Security

Our team will generate a list of errors and improvement recommendations that will be provided to the church.

Keyword Research

Our team will perform detailed keyword research. This will provide us with a lot of information about what people are searching for in your area, and which keywords should be optimized on your website.

We will create a keyword strategy around your ministries, including which keywords have the highest value, and where your website can rank the most effectively.

Your church will also be given a document outlining keywords to be implemented in your blogging strategy moving forward.


During this phase, our team will implement the research conducted in the first two phases.


Google Analytics will be installed on your website. This is one of the best tools around for monitoring traffic to your site.

This phase will involve the implementation of tracking code into the pages of your website, and the correct set-up of the Google Analytics Dashboard.

This will allow you to monitor future traffic improvements.


Your church will receive a detailed report upon completion of our Church Website SEO project. This document will outline all work that was carried out on your site.

The document will also make recommendations for you to keep your website performing at its best.

Finally, it will show before and after analysis, so you can easily see the improvements that have been made in areas such as your SEO score and page load time.

Getting Started

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