Real-Life Campaigns

Run ongoing ads that connect with the biggest felt needs of your local community using our Real-Life landing pages.


Connecting with Those Searching for Help Nearby

Every day thousands of people around your church are searching for help and hope. Unfortunately few are finding relevant answers from the local church. Real-Life Campaigns show relevant ads and offer real answers to those searching on every major social media platform.

People searching for help

Real Help is Offered Through Real-Life Landing Pages

Missional Marketing has created over 70 topic-specific pages built to address life’s biggest spiritual questions and common concerns. The pages are ready-to-go and made to move spiritual seekers toward your church.

Example Landing Pages

How Real-Life Campaigns Work

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You Choose
the Pages

Choose pages that will best connect with the needs of your local community. Also consider pages that connect with the ministry strengths of your church.


We Run
the Ads

We’ll build ads for your chosen pages and run campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Google Display. The ads will use the images and wording from their related page.

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BONUS: Start a Campaign and Receive ALL Real-Life Pages!

If you start a Real-Life campaign we’ll run ads for your chosen pages, but our ever-growing list of pages will all be active and available for your church to use as an ongoing resource.


Ad Examples

Lead Generation Engine

Turn Web Traffic Into New Church Visitors

Missional Marketing has developed an exclusive automated engine that will increase traffic to your church website and give your church a steady stream of leads:

new visits and engagement
lead generating forms
follow-up messages
new church visitors

1. Increase Traffic to Your Website

Collecting new leads begins by driving new traffic to your website or landing pages. This can happen through online ads, social media posting, organically, or through the Google Ad Grant. The Google Ad Grant offers one of the best ways to increase traffic to your pages.

2. Collect Leads

People will offer their information in order to download topical tips and take helpful quizzes. Relevant downloads and quizzes make pages more engaging to users as well. Your church will not only gain a new lead but know what topic led them to engage with your site.

3. Follow-Up

The Lead Generation Engine includes free automated follow-up. This means every time a person opts in to receive future communication, they’ll receive a series of topic-specific emails and texts. These users can also receive automatic invites to Christmas and Easter services every year. You never know when your church invite will hit at the right time. 

4. Experience New Church Visitors

Personal invites will eventually turn into new church visitors. Some visitors may watch online for a while, but will eventually attend in person. Growing churches will prioritize identifying and connecting with church visitors. 

Get a List of the Most Relevant Search Topics

If your church is trying to connect with felt needs within your local community, write pages on the most important topics. Make sure that each page offers a call-to-action that moves people toward your church. Fill out the form to receive a list of essential topics along with a link to see all of our Real-Life landing pages.