Google Ad Grants Averaging a 927% ROI

Google Ads Grant Average

In November 2019, our Google Ad Grant team analyzed 104 of the Google Ad Grant Accounts we are managing for churches.  Here are our findings:


Managed Google Ad Grant Performance

Average Return On Investment927.96%
Average Monthly Cost for Grant Management$395
Average Monthly Amount of Google Spend$3,665
Average Monthly Impressions Per Church13,417
Average Monthly Click-Throughs to Church Website1,367
Average Click-Through Rate10.19%


These results speak for themselves. As you can see in the table, we achieved a 927.96% return on investment for those 104 Christian clients during the October 15th through November 13th time period.

It is also noteworthy that our average Managed Google Grant click-through rate of 10% is over three times the average click-through rate of Google Ads, which is around 3%.

Google Ad Grants for churches are a rapidly expanding area of advertising and we have secured a niche in the Christian nonprofit market. We are helping churches of varying sizes to take advantage of this resource.

It’s a Google Search Campaign (Paid For by Google)

A Google Ad Grant Campaign, for those who are not familiar, is the same thing as a paid Google search campaign– except Google allows the ads to be run for free.

The only cost left with your church is the cost of managing the campaign. Many churches choose to have a Christian marketing agency like Missional Marketing handle the management for them, so that they don’t need to master the technical side themselves. 

You can learn more about our Google Grant Management services here.

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