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Managed Google Ad Grant Campaigns: An Incredibly Efficient Online Outreach Tool

Return on Investment

The performance of Google Ad Grant Campaigns for churches under our management have achieved an average Return on Investment (Google Paid vs Client Paid) of 699%. The ROI data for four of our longest running campaigns can be seen in the nearby graph. You can hover over each set of bars to display the ROI information of each campaign.

Having a professionally run Google Ad Grant campaign can be an extremely cost-efficient boost to your online outreach. To find out more about our Google Ad Grant Campaign Management Services, click the button below.

Growing Your organization

We’re an energetic Church Marketing Agency that serves hundreds of ministries with skilled use of online tools including Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Local Pack, Google Ad Grants, Facebook Custom Audiences, Facebook Lookalike Audiences, Instagram, Vimeo, and YouTube.

Since 2008, we’ve been inspired by the opportunity to help churches reach unchurched people online through effective church website Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The fruit of our intensive collaboration with other talented church partners has been the discovery that growth oriented churches reach people the best by offering their existing services, sermons, and ministries to those who are already searching online to find answers to life’s Felt Needs. Examples of Felt Needs are when people search for help with marriage, parenting, dating, finances, depression, anxiety, Bible Study, etc.

We’d be honored to guide your church toward increased web traffic from millennials and others who’ll help spur healthy church growth.

Expanding the Kingdom

“The heart and passion our friends at Missional Marketing have to reach the lost is identical to ours. True experts in SEO and brought us into a much better digital presence. They come highly recommended!”

Marty Sawyers, Executive Pastor
Cornerstone Church, Chandler, AZ

“I love working with the Missional Marketing team. They have great insight into digital marketing and ways to reach people who don’t usually come to our church.”

Kelly Fann, Communications
The Hills Church, Dallas, TX

“Instrumental in helping us with digital ads to reach unchurched people. They know our target audience and bring the results we are looking for.”

Brian Beckner, Executive Pastor
Community Christian Church, FL

Reaching Millenials Searching For Felt Needs

There are three rings to your website traffic. Are you reaching all three? Read this important summary of how you should view your church marketing to build web traffic in 2018.

3 Rings

Three areas you can use to build more web traffic