3 Essential Digital Marketing Strategies for Church Planting

What you need to know about planting a church in the digital age.

Embracing the Digital World

Let’s face it, we live in a digital world. People know more about Google, Youtube, and Facebook than they do history and biology. “Alexa” turns on our TV while “Siri” plays our music. As times change, so too must church planting.   

Changes in Church Planting

There was a time when door hangers and service projects were sufficient to launch a church. These things are still very important. But today effective church planters must also embrace their new church’s digital footprint as an essential piece to their church plant strategy. 

The World According to Google

Google plays a huge role in almost everything we do today. Whether we’re looking for a new restaurant, a plumber, a doctor, or a funny video about cats, almost everything happens through Google. We read reviews before buying anything and trust search to help us find the best pizza in town.

Being found online is essential for the growth of any organization today. The best businesses in the world consistently set aside resources to improve and upkeep their online presence. If your business isn’t easily found in Google then it’s almost like it doesn’t exist.

These same principles apply to churches. As church plants pray for critical mass as they begin, it’s critical to pay attention to your church plant’s online presence.

Google and Church Plants

Google views a new church as a new business. Therefore, there are certain things a church planter can do to help establish their church plant before, during, and after launch. As we’ve built and improved the online presence of hundreds of churches and church plants over the years, we’ve successfully identified 3 essential digital strategies every church planter must consider during their launch process.
3 Essential Digital Strategies for Church Planters:
  • Establish Local SEO
  • Online advertising for your launch services
  • Post-launch or holiday ads
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    Download the PDF to learn how these three digital strategies can improve your church planting success! 

    Improve Your Church Plant Success with Missional Marketing

    Your church’s online presence is so much more than just having a good looking website and it plays a vital role in bringing people to your new church on launch Sunday. Expand the Kingdom Don’t wait and hope people will attend your launch Sunday - let us help you reach your community online and invite them. Local SEO efforts will help your new church be found by those actively searching for a local church. Leveraging the Google Ad Grant for nonprofits will help your funding go further. Effective ads will bring people to your website and ultimately to your new church on Sunday. We want to help you reach the unchurched in your city, and with these essential strategies, you will.

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