Local SEO: The Secret to Boosting Your Church’s Online Presence and Being Found by Google

In today’s digital age, it’s crucial for your church to be easily found online, especially in Local Google searches. If you’ve faced challenges like not showing up when people search for a “church near me” or a lack of online visibility, then implementing Local SEO can be a game-changer. Here’s how you can enhance your church’s online presence and attract more visitors.

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How to Grow Your Church Through Your Google Business Profile

Do you remember when your church’s website was considered the new front door? Today, that’s no longer the case. Now, your Google Business Profile has become the window into which people peer before they consider approaching your physical location. In this post, we’ll delve into strategies you can use with your Google Business Profile to more effectively promote church growth.

Church Business Directory Supports Stewardship Ministry

Church Business Directory Supports Stewardship Ministry

The opportunity to increase stewardship ministry through the use of a church business directory is becoming accessible to all churches through the use of the internet and digital technology. What used to be a cumbersome and often out-of-date publication is now a relevant, accessible, and current reality. Church Business Directories provide an opportunity for leadership to facilitate the connection of businesses within the church to a variety of customers both within and outside the church.

Church Business Directory Attracts Men

Our vast experience shows that a Church Business Directory attracts men to church. From the time we started producing Church Business Directories for prominent mega churches in 2008, we’ve had a front row seat to see thousands of men raise their hands and attend church membership classes to get involved.
The Importance of Attracting Men to Church
There is a lot of research that shows getting the man of the house to attend church is an important step toward attracting the whole family.

Christian Business Directory-ChristianList USA

ChristianList USA (www.ChristianListUSA.com) is a Christian Business Directory that reaches a network of thousands of consumers through communities and churches served by Missional Marketing, the nation’s leading Church Business Directory publisher.
At time of writing, Missional Marketing has 58 Church Business Directories online throughout the country. Many of these Church Business Directories serve churches with 3,000 or more attendees,

The Risks of No Church Business Directory

The risks of no church business directory can exceed the risks of having one and here is why. It can create legal exposure when a church staff member refers people to professionals. This exposure can happen because a court can conclude that a church has undue influence with church members.
Courts have found opportunity for undue influence in confidential relationships between Husband and Wife,

Managing Church Business Directory Risks

The main considerations for managing Church Business Directory risks are possible exposure to bad press, and also litigation.
But there are also hidden risks of not having a Church Business Directory that might be greater which are discussed in the article entitled The Risks of Not Having a Church Business Directory.
This article about managing Church Business Directory risks mostly pertains to large churches because they can be seen as attractive targets for litigation due to the perception that they have deep pockets.

Church Business Directory Conflict Resolution

How much conflict does a Church Business Directory really cause and what is involved in mediating that conflict? Our eight years of experience with mediating Church Business Directory conflict gives us an authoritative perspective on this subject.
The most important thing a church that retains us to produce a Church Business Directory needs to know is that we handle 100% of the minimal conflicts professionally and swiftly.

Christian Debt Forgiveness

Recently we had a business owner defaulting on their church business directory payment obligation. This business owner is a faithful Christian and a good person. The Holy Spirit prompted us to consider Christian debt forgiveness.
Why Christian Debt Forgiveness?
Our client fell on hard times when they encountered a double whammy where some of their client’s didn’t pay followed by a month of illness that caused them them to be unable to work.

Church Business Directory

Missional Marketing by Gdirect has created the ultimate no-hassle Church Business Directory. It is truly the most evolved post-print era Church Business Directory available. If you want to increase your church’s online presence, and also provide a valuable service to your congregation, you should consider creating a Church Business Directory today.

The 3 Bottom Lines of Business

For the Christians in business we should measure our success by the 3 bottom lines of business: Economic, Social and Spiritual.
Economic. We need to make a profit or we won’t be able to stay in business. Making a profit is expected from God’s point of view. Isaiah 48:17 says, “Thus says the Lord,