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Online Giving Consultation

We’ve entered a time where a church having an online presence is no longer an option but instead, the only option. This means that many churches are scrambling quickly to reposition foundational church activities, including their system for giving and donations. If you’re one of these churches, we’d love to help make your transition a little smoother. Thanks to our vast experience in all things digital for churches, we’re ready, willing, and able to help assist you with your move to Online Giving through our expert consultation.

We’ll come alongside your church to quickly assess and launch your online giving, helping to keep your tithing on track. We’ll discuss with you our top recommendation based on your church’s needs and budget. If your solution requires equipment, we’ll provide you with a list of what to buy. If your solution requires third party services such as PushPay or Secure Give, we’ll prompt you through exactly what you need for setup. In short, we’ll get you up and running with online giving in a hurry. Should you need extensive web development to connect your assets, our development team is available to help at our standard hourly rates.

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What’s Most Important in an Online Giving Platform?

Here are some of the questions we asked of these platforms to help us determine a great fit for your church:

  • Is there a setup and/or monthly fee?
  • What’s the cost per transaction?
  • Does it offer text giving?
  • Does it require an app download for users?
  • Does it allow for recurring payments setup and management?
  • Does it offer both single & multi-fund giving options?
  • Does it offer integration with church website?
  • Can it be branded to your church?

How Do We Connect Our Church Website to Online Giving?

Some online platforms require a trivial amount of work to be done on your website in order to integrate the two assets. Our website developers are well versed in making these connections and in troubleshooting any technical issues on a church website. We’ll provide a trivial amount of this work as part of our consultation, but any major work needed will be billed at our standard hourly website development rate.

Top Online Giving Platforms for Churches

While our recommendation for your church will vary based on your organization’s needs and stage of growth, here are just a few of the platforms we might recommend:

Platform NameIs it Church/Ministry Specific?Setup FeesMonthly FeesProcessing Fees
easyTitheYes$0Church Plant: $10
Midsize Church: $39
Large Church: $59
Church Plant: 3% + 39¢ per debit/credit gifts & 1% + 39¢ per ACH gift
Midsize Church: 2.6% + 39¢ per debit/credit gifts & 0.75% + 39¢ per ACH gift
Large Church: 2.09% + 39¢ per debit/credit gifts & 0.75% + 39¢ per ACH gift
PayPalNo$0$02.2% + 30¢ per domestic transaction for qualified 501(c)3 organizations
2.9% + 30¢ per domestic transaction for a PayPal nonprofit business account
PushpayYes$0TieredVaries by card type, ranging from 2.5% – 3% per transaction
Sharefaith GivingYes$0$103% + 39¢ per transaction
Tithe.lyYes$0$02.9% + 30¢ per transaction (ACH/Bank: 1% + 30¢ | AMEX: 3.5% + 30¢)
Vision 2Yes$0$02.9% per credit card transaction, 90¢ for ACH
AnedotYes$0$03.0% + 30¢ for all cards, including AmEx, PayPal, and ApplePay. 0.3% + 30¢ for ACH/Bank Draft

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