Google Ad Grant Landing Pages That Work

We’ll Increase Your Church’s Google Ad Grant Performance With a Real-Life Subdomain

Reach people searching Google for answers to questions like “why does God allow bad things to happen?” and “how can I build a strong marriage?”

Google Ad Grant Landing Pages for Churches

Spend Google's Money2
Spend Google's Money2

Spend Google’s Money

Having a Real-Life Subdomain is an effective way for your church to spend thousands of Google’s grant dollars on advertising each month.


Affordable Approach

To create a similar repository of content yourself would cost up to $30,000 upfront. With Missional Marketing it’s FREE with your Google Ad Grant Management Subscription.

A Secondary Site2
A Secondary Site2

A Subdomain Branded to Your Church

By existing as a subdomain, our Real-Life pages can act as a secondary part of your church’s web structure without it being necessary to modify your existing church website.

About Answers and Solutions2

About Answers & Solutions

Think of it as a second website that exists solely for the purpose of offering answers and solutions for the things people search for every day in Google. Things like “Who is Jesus and why is he the only way to God?” or “How can I deal with a difficult teen?”

About Answers and Solutions2
Targeted to Google Searches2
Targeted to Google Searches2

Targeted to Google Searches

There are dozens of topics that people search for, and our Real-Life Subdomain Landing Pages for Churches provide your church with the quality, optimized content that you need to compete in searches for these topics.

Google Ad Grant Traffic Lands on These Pages

Is your church looking to connect with online users searching Google for their felt needs and difficult life questions? If you’re looking to reach unchurched people – You should be! Often, these are unchurched people!

If your church is looking to grow and share your ministry as a valuable real-life resource, this audience is one of your largest and most important to reach. Maybe these folks are searching online to figure out how they can build a stronger marriage, or looking for advice in a difficult situation concerning parenting, finances, or addiction.

Maybe they’re seeking answers to questions about faith, God, or the Bible. Whatever the case may be, your church would likely make a wonderful resource. Targeting these real-life felt needs searches is an excellent way to capture people who may be in desperate need of discovering your church, but who aren’t actively seeking one.

Missional Marketing’s Real-Life Felt Needs Subdomain can be an excellent way to optimize your online presence for these types of Google search queries and drive better conversions for your church.

Two Page Groups Offered to Boost Google Ad Grant Performance

Broadens keywords that can be included in Google Ad Grant Campaigns
Answers Page Group:
Felt Needs Page Group:
Improves click-through-rates by improving Google Quality Scores
Answers Page Group:
Felt Needs Page Group:
35 Answers pages
Answers Page Group:
Felt Needs Page Group:
36 additional pages (and growing)
Answers Page Group:
Felt Needs Page Group:
Deeper content with sophisticated calls-to-action and conversion paths that capture names and email addresses
Answers Page Group:
Felt Needs Page Group:

Lead Generation Engine

Turn Web Traffic Into New Church Visitors

Missional Marketing has developed an exclusive automated engine that will increase traffic to your church website and give your church a steady stream of leads:

new visits and engagement
lead generating forms
follow-up messages
new church visitors

1. Increase Traffic to Your Website

Collecting new leads begins by driving new traffic to your website or landing pages. This can happen through online ads, social media posting, organically, or through the Google Ad Grant. The Google Ad Grant offers one of the best ways to increase traffic to your pages.

2. Collect Leads

People will offer their information in order to download topical tips and take helpful quizzes. Relevant downloads and quizzes make pages more engaging to users as well. Your church will not only gain a new lead but know what topic led them to engage with your site.

3. Follow-Up

The Lead Generation Engine includes free automated follow-up. This means every time a person opts in to receive future communication, they’ll receive a series of topic-specific emails and texts. These users can also receive automatic invites to Christmas and Easter services every year. You never know when your church invite will hit at the right time. 

4. Experience New Church Visitors

Personal invites will eventually turn into new church visitors. Some visitors may watch online for a while, but will eventually attend in person. Growing churches will prioritize identifying and connecting with church visitors. 

What is a Subdomain?

A subdomain is a sub-division within your site’s primary domain that allows you to better categorize your content for users and search engines.

You can recognize a subdomain by looking at the URL. When text is written before the main domain, it’s a subdomain. For example, the main domain of your site might be, while the subdomain within the site is

One of the key benefits of using a subdomain is that it allows you to target users that might not connect as well with your primary domain by delivering highly specialized content.

Thanks to Google’s search algorithms, writing very specific landing pages that thoroughly cover a given topic allows users to find what they’re searching for more easily and increases the likelihood of producing conversions (a conversion is any action you wish for a user to take on your site, ie, clicking on the “Plan a Visit” button).

Because our Real-Life Subdomain content is purposefully tuned for specific keywords in Google Ads, this leads to high Google Quality Scores which in turn reduces cost-per-click and increases Google’s likelihood to show your ad versus that of a competitor. This means your church’s Google Grant will spend more of Google’s money!

Select a Content Strategy

We currently offer landing pages in the following content categories

Answers Topics

Answers Topics

Questions people ask about God and the Bible.

Felt Needs Topics (1)

Felt Needs Topics

Questions people ask about parenting and marriage.

How Does This Help My Church Spend More of Google’s Ad Grant Money?

Every day, users within your community are searching on Google for answers and solutions for their felt needs, and we’ve produced relevant SEO content to address them. We’ve categorized this content into two major categories – Felt Needs and Answers. Although these searches aren’t as directly tied to a church result as “Churches Near Me” or “Family Friendly Church near [city name]”, they can capture people who may be new to Christianity or don’t yet have a relationship with God and point them in the direction of your church website.

Since these users may have landed on your site while searching for a pressing need to be fulfilled, the home page or other core pages on your site might not be relatable to them. Even though your church may be able to meet their needs, they might become frustrated searching for their answer and quickly click off the site if not immediately met with content specifically addressing their search.

By having a subdomain on your site, you can create highly targeted landing pages that are optimized for users’ real-life felt needs. The pages on your subdomain can highlight your ministries that may be of need to these users while gently introducing your church as a valuable resource. This also allows for seemingly more personalized call-to-actions that won’t feel as intimidating to a newcomer.

Still a Little Confused? Let’s Use an Example!

Imagine a single parent who is searching on Google for tips on parenting a challenging teen. Although this user isn’t directly searching for a church, your church’s teen ministry program might be a great solution.

However, if they click on an ad in Google and land on your church’s homepage, they might not find information about the teen ministry program and exit the site.

Instead, you could have a subdomain of with highly specialized landing pages about parenting. These pages provide helpful information, while also directing users to your church’s teen ministry program to engage further.

This increases the likelihood that a user takes action such as completing a contact form or watching a sermon on raising teens. If they find the information helpful, they might choose to start sending their child to your church’s youth group or attend a service.

Key Benefits of Using a Real-Life Subdomain With Your Google Ad Grant:

Optimize Your Google Grant and Ad Spend

By utilizing a Real-Life subdomain, your church gains specific landing pages for keywords you’re targeting in Google which raises your quality score, allowing your Google Grant or Google Ads campaign to produce greater results.

Drive Conversions

Users will land on pages directly optimized for their search query, increasing the likelihood of them converting versus bouncing off or exiting the site.

Ease of Adding New Pages to a Subdomain

The architecture of our Real-Life subdomains make it simple for us to expand the breadth of content present on the site, allowing new landing pages to be deployed for additional keywords as they are developed.

See All of Your Data in a Dashboard

Easily see how many users are reaching your subdomain, as well as what actions they take to engage more deeply with your church.

User Experience and Content Freedom

Because a Real-Life subdomain serves a specific targeted audience and is free of the technological limitations of your main site, you don’t have to feel trapped in your existing design or traditional tone. These content pages have been developed with a conversion producing user-experience in mind, and receive constant data-driven iteration to improve further.

Improve Google Quality Score

Quality Score Shows you an estimate of how relevant your ads, keywords, and landing page are to a person who sees your ad. Higher Quality Scores typically lead to lower costs and better ad positions. As Real-Life Subdomain pages are carefully tailored for specific keywords, by their nature they easily produce superior quality scores.

Ready to Get Started?

If you want to learn more about our Real-Life Felt Needs Subdomain and how it can help your church grow, schedule an appointment below, or give us a call at 480-420-2007 to speak with one of our experts!

Our team will work closely with you to understand your church’s unique needs and find the right strategy to reach your goals.