Back to School & Church Campaigns

As kids venture back to their real schools after the COVID-19 quarantine, it’s a great time to invite families to church! Online ads this fall will help your church celebrate the “new normal.”

Back to School and Back to Church

Back to School

Much of 2020 has been a rollercoaster of restrictions and emotions as we’ve joined the rest of the world in navigating a global pandemic. As summer comes to a close, folks are packing up their swimsuits, shopping for school supplies, and training for fall sports. With hopes of a wonderful new school year, families are very ready to start a new schedule.

Like parents and kids whose routines have been disrupted for most of 2020, churches are also eager to turn the page and begin a fresh, new ministry year. Fall signals the start of new outreaches, sermons series, and small groups.

It’s the perfect time for a back to school, church, and ministry advertising campaign!

The Power of Online Ads

Churches today can’t assume individuals will attend services for the first time simply because their building is easy to see. Your church may plan the most amazing fall sermon series and youth group events, but if you don’t invite the community, they’ll never know. It would be like planning a huge birthday party but forgetting to send out the invites.

People are spending more time on Google, Facebook, Youtube, and other social media platforms than ever before. Online advertising is one of the best ways to invite your local community back to church this fall. One advertising campaign has the power to reach thousands of people in your community. You don’t need to wait and hope people will head back to church this fall- invite them!

If You Invite Them—They Will Come!

Fall Events

Reminded how much we all appreciate togetherness, church families are eager to physically gather and launch an amazing year of ministry. Whatever your church has planned, this is a perfect time to welcome your local community to join you!

Back to School

Promoting your church’s “Back to School” events online is an excellent way to reach unchurched families with school-aged children. Whether you’re filling backpacks with school supplies for needy families, making plans to partner with a local school, or planning a special time to pray for health and protection for students, teachers, and school staff, this is a perfect time to let your community know you care.

Back to Church

Sometimes summer fun distracts families from steady church attendance. As kids head back to school this fall, take some time to invite your local community back to church. After a prolonged season of isolation, many people are hungry for meaningful connections.

Fall Sermon Series

Fresh, powerful fall sermon series have the potential to attract young families and unchurched people to your weekend services. Consider topics and Scripture passages most likely to connect with millennials and young adults.

Youth Group / Kid’s Ministry Kick-Off

Starting a new grade signals a special time to engage in fresh experiences and friendships. No doubt it’s one of the best times of the year to promote your church’s youth group and kid’s ministry!

Small Groups

Many churches begin small groups and other Bible studies every fall. After quarantine isolation, both people in your congregation and your area are likely eager to make connections and to learn about a God who offers hope and meaning in turbulent times. As your church prepares to launch small groups this fall, include an ad campaign to invite your local community.

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