Easter Church Advertising Campaigns

Easter Sunday sees the highest church attendance of the entire year. Find out how online advertising can help fuel growth within your church this Easter.

An Easter Message From Missional Marketing

Unchurched people are OPEN to your Easter invitation!

Unchurched families are open to being invited to church during Easter

While you may already know that more people attend church on Easter than any other Sunday, here are some statistics you may not be aware of:

  • More Americans search for “church” around Easter than at any other time (with the Christmas season usually ranking second) according to Google Trends data collected between 2004 and 2013.
  • One in five Americans is unsure whether or not they will attend church on Easter Sunday.
  • 70% of Americans identify as Christians, but only 49% plan to attend church on Easter Sunday.
  • 79% of Americans plan to celebrate Easter.
Family at Easter
Church Attendance on Easter Easter is the “Super Bowl” of Sunday services, and individuals in your community are more likely to attend church on Easter than on any other week of the year.

Easter offers your church the opportunity to invite new visitors, re-engage those who have stopped attending, and energize your current congregation. Typically, there are four types of attendees at Easter services: the regulars, those who occasionally attend, those who attend on holidays, and those who are invited by family and friends.
How You Can Plan for Church Growth This Easter We’ll provide a complete advertising solution to help you reach the unchurched. We’ll optimize your campaign investment across several different platforms, including Google Search, Google Display Network, Facebook Audience Network, and Youtube, based on the unique needs and goals of your church.

We can even set you up for future retargeting ads so that visitors who reach your church website from your Easter campaign can be reminded about your church at a later time. These methods have produced incredible results in bringing new families into church throughout the holiday season. Take it from our clients:
For the first time ever, we used Missional Marketing for our Easter outreach. We’re a small church of about 200 people, and when they ran the campaign, 17 new families showed up! That was the most we’ve ever had! We’ll be doing this again for sure. Pastor Mark from Mesa, AZ
During the Easter season, we actually present an opportunity to accept Jesus for the very first time. Last Easter, we had hundreds of people come forward, and the only outreach we did was through Missional Marketing. It really works! Kirt, a Communications Director from Peoria, IL
Effective Online Easter Ads The vast majority of churches are not focused on a marketing strategy for newcomers when they are planning their Easter Sunday services. Some churches realize their need to actively evangelize during this season, but don’t know where to start when it comes to reaching unchurched populations in their community. Missional Marketing is here to help.

As experts in bringing new guests through the church’s front doors, we provide best practices, proven techniques, and technical support for your online advertising needs. We work with churches of all sizes to create a customized outreach plan for the Easter season. Whether your advertising spend is a little or a lot, we provide a tailored solution for your needs, then help you execute the plan. You set the budget, we send the invites!

Missional Marketing is ready to help your church grow this Easter!
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Get An Instant Estimate

Curious what kind of results you can expect from your Easter digital marketing budget? You can use the tool below to receive an instant estimate of the number of advertising impressions as well as website visitors that you can expect to generate.

What should you do to start planning for major church growth this Easter season?

Contact us today! We’d love to have a conversation with you about how we can help bring brand new people to your church this Easter and create a unique outreach strategy that’s best for your organization.

Before your scheduled call with one of our church growth experts, here’s a list of items we’ll discuss. If you don’t yet have all the details nailed down for your events or service - no problem! We’ll sort out everything out together on the call.

  1. Your service or event details. Are you promoting an Easter concert? A Easter sermon series? A Easter lights show? Easter services? All the above? Try and prepare as much detail as possible so that our team can work with you in creating the most effective and creative approach.
  2. Artwork and video. If you have these ready, great. If not, that’s okay too. Having these assets in advance will help us better understand the campaign look and feel you’re hoping to achieve, but we’re also happy to create any necessary artwork and ad copy on your behalf. We’ll speak into the content with the goal of reaching and engaging unchurched people.
  3. Access to your digital tools. This includes authorizations for Facebook, Google Analytics, your website and more. If this is the first time you’ve worked with us, you’ll learn that we go much further than simply running a campaign. We always want to understand what users do when they reach your website. Our goal is to produce measurable results through the use of effective call-to-action buttons and conversion paths.
  4. Your advertising budget. Having this dollar value upfront helps us to zero in on expected results. We’ve successfully run thousands of Easter ad campaigns, so we’re well versed in making accurate projections based on your timeframe and daily spend. If you aren’t sure of what to budget for your church, we can talk through that together based on what’s worked well for other churches of its size, demographics, and maturity.
  5. Planning for future events. Getting people excited to attend your Easter events is the first goal of our discussion, but utilizing a retargeting code at Easter can help you invite new visitors back in the new year.
Easter Egg Hunt

Get Started

To engage our team for your church’s Easter marketing efforts,you can contact us by doing any one of the following:
  • Use our contact us form to send us an email that says “I’d like to talk about Easter.” Someone will respond to you right away.
  • Call us right now at 480.420.2007 and tell the friendly voice on our end that you’re ready to plan your church’s Easter advertising.
  • Click on the “Schedule an Appointment” in the bottom right corner and follow the steps to schedule a call.
Take advantage of your church’s greatest growth potential this Easter season and invite your surrounding community with the most effective digital outreach strategies. We’re excited to help you in sharing the greatest gift the world has ever received!