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Church Digital Advertising
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Looking to Outsource Your Church Advertising Efforts?

Missional Marketing can make this necessary chore a breeze by advertising your church or church event on every major online platform - including Google, Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram. Not only will we effectively build and manage your ads to better leverage your time, but we can also build a matching landing page on your website where we’ll send your targeted ad traffic.


We believe that every ad click matters for the growth of your church, and as experts in online traffic generation, we’ll do everything in our power to achieve the best church advertising results possible. Our goal is to make your event, sermon series, or season a major attendance success.



Missional Marketing is well versed in ad creation for every church-oriented occasion imaginable. If you’re putting hard work and time into planning a significant event, you should also be prioritizing the invitation of your local community. If you invite them – they will come!


Increasing your church’s online presence through ad campaigns can reach new people in desperate need of hope and community. From consulting services for transitioning your church fully online to Google and social media campaigns, Missional Marketing is here to help your church thrive.

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CHRISTMAS services

Christmas services are one of the highest attended church services of the entire year. It’s a fact that individuals who are disconnected from the church are more likely to attend Christmas services than any other service throughout the year. For this reason, advertising your church’s Christmas plans should be an important piece of your church’s annual marketing budget.

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EASTER services

Individuals in your community will consider attending your Easter services if invited. Easter offers a huge opportunity to invite local unchurched people to your church and share with them the real meaning of this life-changing holiday. Considering the importance of the day, an Easter ad campaign should be considered a critical piece of every church’s annual advertising budget.

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Let your local community know about your most exciting sermon series and services intended to meet their spiritual and physical needs. Online advertising lets people know you’re a church who cares about helping people, and that you’re ready to serve the community by addressing their felt needs.

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vacation bible school

Make your church’s VBS this summer the best yet with digital invites. Many families are looking for family-friendly activities in the summer and would be eager to register their kids if invited.

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Families are always searching online for great summer activities for all ages. Let your local community know about the exciting stuff your church has planned this summer with online advertising.

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As summer ends, people start planning their busy fall schedules. Back to school season is also a great time to think about attending church for the first time. As your church plans for fall services, make sure to include digital ads to promote your church services and ministries.

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From fall festivals to church sports leagues, fall is a great time for ministry and service events, including Trunk-Or-Treat and Thanksgiving-focused gatherings. As your church plans fall activities, make sure you include online advertising to invite your friends and neighbors.

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Stay in front of your local community throughout the year with an online advertising reminder that there’s a warm and welcoming church nearby. Digital ads promoting your church are a great way to build local awareness of your congregation while inviting individuals and families to attend your services for the first time.

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Lead Generation Engine

Turn Web Traffic Into New Church Visitors

Missional Marketing has developed an exclusive automated engine that will increase traffic to your church website and give your church a steady stream of leads:

new visits and engagement
lead generating forms
follow-up messages
new church visitors

1. Increase Traffic to Your Website

Collecting new leads begins by driving new traffic to your website or landing pages. This can happen through online ads, social media posting, organically, or through the Google Ad Grant. The Google Ad Grant offers one of the best ways to increase traffic to your pages.

2. Collect Leads

People will offer their information in order to download topical tips and take helpful quizzes. Relevant downloads and quizzes make pages more engaging to users as well. Your church will not only gain a new lead but know what topic led them to engage with your site.

3. Follow-Up

The Lead Generation Engine includes free automated follow-up. This means every time a person opts in to receive future communication, they’ll receive a series of topic-specific emails and texts. These users can also receive automatic invites to Christmas and Easter services every year. You never know when your church invite will hit at the right time. 

4. Experience New Church Visitors

Personal invites will eventually turn into new church visitors. Some visitors may watch online for a while, but will eventually attend in person. Growing churches will prioritize identifying and connecting with church visitors. 


Curious about what kind of results you can expect from your summer church event digital marketing budget? Use the tool below to receive an instant estimate of the number of advertising impressions as well as website visitors that you can expect to generate.


Online advertising is one of the most effective ways to reach the unchurched in your community.

  • elipsedot We’ll partner with your church to find the best advertising solution to meet your needs.
  • elipsedot We take great care in building each campaign we run, striving to reach as many people as possible in your own local area.
  • elipsedot We believe that every single ad click is an opportunity for your church to grow, and by enlisting our help, we’ll use our experience to run effective ads to help grow your church this year!


We all know that if you’re planning a party, sending the invitations is one of the most important things you’ll need to do. The same goes for your church’s ministries and events throughout the year. Online church advertising serves as the all-important party invites for all the great things your church has planned!

Our team’s ready to partner with you to invite more people to your church events than ever before! To get started, you can contact us by doing any one of the following:


Use our contact us form to send us an email that says “I’d like to talk about church advertising.” Someone will respond to you right away.


Call us right now at 480.420.2007 and tell the friendly voice on our end that you’d like to talk more about church advertising.


Click on the “Schedule an Appointment” in the bottom left corner and follow the steps to schedule a call.

Take advantage of your church’s greatest growth potential this year and invite your surrounding community with the most effective digital outreach strategies. We look forward to working with you to make a positive impact!

Your church has prepared and planned, so now it’s time to send out the invitations with a church advertising campaign!