Vacation Bible School Advertising Campaign

Impact your local community with VBS invites! Make this summer the biggest yet with online advertising.

The Power of Vacation Bible School

The Power of Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School offers an amazing ministry opportunity in your local community. Families may not be interested in attending your church yet, but they’re always interested in finding activities to entertain their children over the summer. Vacation Bible School is not only fun but also enables individuals in your church to share their faith while teaching the Bible to children.

Once a child learns the truth about God’s love, it can never be taken away from them!

Because Vacation Bible School offers a powerful opportunity to make a lasting impact in your community, it’s critical that you do everything possible to get the word out.

Advertising VBS Online is Essential Parents and guardians are always searching for something to do with their children during the summer. Google and Facebook have become the most common places to look for summer activities for kids. Churches looking to grow their Vacation Bible School are leaning into online advertising in order to better connect with individuals searching for fun things to do with their kids this summer.

If you are looking to increase the reach of your church’s Vacation Bible School, make sure you include a budget for online advertising this year.

You Choose the Budget, We Send the Invites!

How it Works

  1. You set your advertising budget. Tell us what you’d like to spend on your campaign. We can create an effective campaign for almost any budget.
  2. We create the ads. We’ll build the campaign, audience, geo-targeted area, parameters, and run-time.
  3. We send the invites. We’ll work to invite as many people as possible to your church’s VBS.

We’ve Got Your Back

We’ll monitor your campaign until it’s over, ensuring that we’re reaching a targeted number of individuals. Afterward, we’ll review a detailed report, analyzing your results.

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Curious what kind of results you can expect from your Vacation Bible School digital marketing budget? You can use the tool below to receive an instant estimate of the number of advertising impressions as well as website visitors that you can expect to generate.

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Our team is ready to partner with you this summer to invite more people to Vacation Bible School than ever before! To get started with your VBS marketing efforts, you can contact us by doing any one of the following:
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  • Call us right now at 480.420.2007 and tell the friendly voice on our end that you’re ready to plan your church’s VBS advertising.
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Take advantage of your church’s greatest growth potential this summer and invite your surrounding community with the most effective digital outreach strategies. We look forward to working with you to make a positive impact!