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Who We Are

Missional Marketing is a Christian marketing firm that helps churches, schools, and businesses with online advertising and marketing. We believe that every Christian organization has a role in the Great Commission and we strive to help them shine Christ’s light through their online and social media channels.

With our church landing pages, we tailor the content of each landing page to address a different felt need or ministry. This has a huge benefit to your website and its visitors, as it increases engagement and click-through-rates (CTR). It also helps your website’s SEO as the content being delivered is relevant to each individual searcher.

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Benefits of Church
Landing Pages

Optimized church landing pages are a vital part of any church’s digital strategy. When people are searching for answers online, they could be looking for the answers to any number of questions. These questions could relate to any of their felt needs, such as crisis support, marriage support, parenting support, community outreach, serving, youth activities, grief care, addiction recovery, Bible study, nearby churches, or personal finance. There is no one size fits all answers to such questions, so it doesn’t make sense to deliver all these different people to the same homepage. This is where church landing pages come in.

There are a number of benefits
to deploying our optimized church landing pages on your site

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First and foremost, our church landing pages are designed to load fast. This means that a visitor is not left waiting for the content to load. Slow-loading content is the number one reason people will navigate away from your site.
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Each church landing page is optimized to a focus keyword. This means there are no mixed content or keyword confusion problems that commonly arise when you want to rank a single web page for multiple keywords.
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We will maintain the Google Quality Score and ad relevance of an associated Google Search Campaign. This means there is no need to take the time of the church’s web developer, and no barriers to generating ad-driven traffic.
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We try variants to improve CTR and decrease bounces with no need to take the time of the church’s web developer and no time delays.
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We will perform ongoing analysis of each landing page in real time, to ensure it is performing optimally. This will improve CTR and decrease bounce rates, and will not take any of the church’s web developer’s time.
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The pages are designed with user experience in mind. They are not cluttered, and the calls to action have been positioned to maximize engagement rates.
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As the content is relevant to what a person is searching for, your Google Quality Score will rise, and your ads will perform better. This can also result in an improvement in your website's organic search rankings.

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