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Turn your 45-minute sermon video into an easy 5-minute read

Every week, you invest time and energy to share principles that could uplift and transform someone’s life. But how can you distribute your sermons more easily and effectively?

Missional Marketing has designed a custom solution to transform those powerful weekly moments into an evergreen source of inspiration for your congregation and your community.


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Make sure your sermons are heard, felt and experienced at an even greater level. Solidify and position your sermons to live on in the hearts of your congregation.
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Live videos and replays only go so far. Let’s face it, if your people haven't viewed your sermon by Tuesday, they may not ever get around to it.
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Now, your congregation can stay connected to your church and your sermons with a five-minute blog post.

Just picture this - when someone misses your sermon, now they can go to your website and read all the highlights and main points of your sermon.

Check out some of the example blogs below to see how it works in practice.

Example Blog #1 Example Blog #2 Example Blog #3
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You can even invite readers to go deeper and explore the concepts and scriptures on their own. Your church website becomes a place to not only share your church events, but a source to share good news and inspiration with friends and loved ones.

Connect with your Missional Marketing specialist today and ask about our easy, convenient Sermon to Blog Services.