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Church Invitation Cards are Obsolete

Have you ever picked up church invitation cards from the lobby or parking lot of your church? Or maybe you wonder if the dollars you invest in the labor-intensive process of design, print, and distribution of your church invitation cards are even translating into visitors. 
For many years, churches have passed out printed invitation cards in hopes of members finding the right opportunity to pass that card along.

Christmas and Easter aren’t the Only Times to Invite Loved Ones to Church.

Inviting people to church can be awkward and uncomfortable. 

Most people have their stigmas and cultural ideals about church and religion. Sometimes this can make it challenging to invite someone to church. You may not know what to say. You don’t want them to feel uncomfortable. 
It can be challenging to navigate cultural or social predispositions to ask someone to be a part of the experience you love each week.

Snapchat Advertising For Churches

Snapchat Advertising For Churches

How many times have you looked out into a congregation, youth group, or any other event and seen people on their phone? Chances are, a good portion of those people are using Snapchat. In fact, 75% of Gen Z and Millennials use Snapchat! With users spending an average of 30-60 minutes per day on the app,

How To Reach Young Audiences

How To Reach Young Audiences

It’s no surprise that keeping younger generations engaged and excited while at church is hard enough, but getting them excited to come to church—especially when it’s their choice to come or not—is even more difficult. That is why college-age adults are the most likely age group to stop attending church regularly.

Optimize Your Church Youtube Channel

Getting Your Church Found on YouTube and Why It Matters

There once was a time when churches were primarily engaged in the physical, in-person activities that occurred within their church building. However, with virtual worship on the rise, churches everywhere are turning to YouTube to reach and retain members. Churches are discovering the power of YouTube to gain visibility and influence in this digital age by going beyond the church building.

Sermon Shortening Service

Church has officially left the building and gone digital. The best way to engage your audience and promote your church online in today’s world is through video. Not only is video interactive and engaging, but it also ranks highest in social media algorithms. Essentially, the videos you post are more likely to be seen than images when it comes to platforms like Facebook,