Basic Guide To Church SEO

Are you looking to grow your church’s congregation and reach new people in your area? Do you want your church to show up in search results for people looking for a church nearby or the unchurched?  If the answer to those questions is yes, then you’ve come to the right place. 

How to Improve Your Church’s Google My Business Page

If your church isn’t already taking advantage of Google My Business, now is the time to start.  Google My Business is one of the best ways to be found in your local community by new people searching on Google for things like, “church near me” or “best church in [city]”.  Google My Business,

How To Keep Online Church Visitors Engaged

In today’s digitally driven world, one of the major key success factors for churches is having a strong online presence.  With COVID-19 causing many churches to transition fully to online, many pastors and church leaders are looking for answers on how to keep online church visitors engaged. It can be challenging for churches to navigate keeping online users active throughout the week and feeling connected to the church. 

Church Christmas Advertising Campaign

How to Run A Church Christmas Advertising Campaign

With December quickly approaching, your church has likely already begun planning for the Christmas season. For most churches, Christmas services are some of the highest attended out of the entire year.  Around Christmas, unchurched people are usually more open to attending church, making Christmas a great time to target new people. 

Free Church Advertising, Is It Possible?


For many Churches, even in a pre-COVID world, money can be tight. Not only does your pastor and staff need salaries, but you also have other operating expenses like rent/mortgage, building maintenance, bibles, learning materials, and resources for specific ministries. On top of that, money also needs to be available for helping those in need in the Church,

social media for churches

Social Media for Churches: The Ultimate Guide

Did you know that the average person in the US spends over 2 hours on social media every day? (Source: BroadbandSearch) When used correctly, social media can be a powerful asset for your church’s outreach ministry and a great way to keep current members connected to your church throughout the week. 

Website Call-to-Action Samples from the 100 Largest Churches in the U.S

Optimizing Calls-to-Action on a church’s website can greatly increase online conversion rates. A conversion can be defined as any action that a user takes on a website that’s a desired performance goal, such as submitting a prayer request, watching an online sermon, or clicking a “Plan a Visit” button.  You can consider a highly converting church website to be an effective one,

Benefits of Outsourcing to a Christian Marketing Agency

Now more than ever, people desperately need Jesus and the story of the Gospel. Allocating resources towards marketing is a great way to reach your church’s growth goals.  Marketing allows churches to communicate better with their community by reaching new people and spreading the love of God.  However, even deciding where to start can be daunting. 

Felt Needs Landing Pages Are the Secret to Google Ad Grant Performance

Is your church ready to take your Google Ad Grant campaign to the next level?  Felt needs landing pages built in a subdomain are a great strategy to help your church get the most out of your Google Grant. 

A subdomain is a domain within the site’s primary domain that allows content to be better categorized for users and search engines. 

Five Questions to Ask When Setting up Digital Church

Streaming Online Church

As your church considers streaming services for the first time, there are a few questions you’ll need to answer. Addressing these questions will help you choose the streaming service that will best fit your needs.    

1. What’s your budget? 

Thinking through your budget to begin streaming services is one of the best places to start.

Church Online Platform Vs. Vimeo Premium

Streaming Church Services Online

Churches all across the world have begun streaming church services online. As a global pandemic has disrupted most churches’ ability to meet physically, streaming services online has become one of the only ways for churches to maintain the connection with their congregation. Streaming services online has also become an amazing evangelistic tool,

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Church Website Site Structure: The Definitive Guide

Site structure is becoming an increasingly important part of church website design. There was a time when just getting a website online and adding some content was enough. But if you want to get your website working harder for you, then it’s important to have the correct church website site structure in place. 

Navigating Church Streaming Copyright Issues

Copyright Concerns

As more and more churches begin streaming services online, issues related to copyright are on the rise. As you may already know, copyright issues can make or break a Sunday morning service live stream. Your church’s stream can suddenly be muted or stopped from streaming on Facebook, Youtube, or another streaming platform.

Beginner’s Guide to Streaming Online Church Services

The Decision to Stream Church Services 

Streaming church services online has never been more important. As churches across the country are trying to figure out when and how it’s safe to meet again in person in light of COVID-19, more and more churches have begun streaming services online. As the pandemic slowly comes to a close,


Mobile-First Indexing: How to Prepare Your Church Website

It’s no secret that Google’s been moving towards a ‘mobile-first’ approach to its search results for a number of years now. People have been using their mobile devices to browse the web more and more in the last few years, and mobile traffic has now overtaken desktop computers as the main source of Google Searches.