Nextdoor Advertising For Churches

Reach your community right where they are, in their homes while on their phones! Nextdoor advertising opens the doors to reach your neighbors like never before. Missional Marketing will enable your outreach to go further and engage more new movers and homeowners through advertising on this mobile and web-based platform.

Modernize your church’s outreach

The age of knocking on doors is over. Instead of interrupting someone scrolling through their phones, reach them while they scroll! With Nextdoor being where communities come together to greet newcomers, exchange recommendations, and read the latest local news, advertising on the platform is an unprecedented opportunity for outreach for the local church.

Church Outreach
Community Reach

Your community is within reach

Struggling to reach your surrounding community and bring them back to the church? With homeowners and new movers looking for local recommendations through social media platforms, calculated outreach is more important than ever. Nextdoor endeavors to bring the community and local businesses together to create a world where everyone has a neighbor to rely on. With 54 million business recommendations from neighbors, your church’s advertisement will be at the center of your mission field’s attention. Missional Marketing’s Nextdoor advertising will spread your message to more people—in a more efficient way—on the homeowners’ most up-and-coming platform.

What We Do

Leverage Nextdoor’s industry-leading advertising platform to target the audience you want, when you want to, right in your community. Why does this work? Because we can build relationships with the people who need you most through the platforms they’re already using.

Creating a Successful Nextdoor Campaign

1. Creating Ads

Leave an impression with a memorable and inviting graphic. Nextdoor allows you to advertise your upcoming events, highlight ministries, and direct your neighbors to your website based on the community’s felt needs.

2. Demographic Targeting

Careful study of your local demographic enables us to target the right people at the right time. An ad is only as good as its delivery, so Missional Marketing makes sure that the target demographic is actually the right one for you and your church.

3. Ad Delivery

Once your Nextdoor campaigns are running, we make sure that your message is delivered to the right person, at the right time, at the right budget.

4. Optimization

We use every piece of data necessary to create effective and efficient campaigns that make your budget go as far as possible. Constant optimization requires close monitoring so that your campaigns will receive the best results possible.

5. Data Visualization

See how your campaigns are doing through data visualization and regular reporting. We view your campaign performance dashboard with all of the important metrics so you know exactly how effective your campaigns are.

Watch this video for more information about Nextdoor advertising for your church


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