CDF Offers Financial, Leadership and Spiritual Capital to Help Grow ChurchesLast Updated: January 3rd, 2021

Online strategies can help bring the unchurched through the front doors of the church. But what happens within will determine whether or not they’ll stay. Individuals looking for hope and healing will want to join a happy and healthy church. The experts at CDF Capital understand what it takes to sustain healthy church growth. They believe churches with strong financial, leadership and spiritual resources will be better prepared to transform local lives and communities.

Financial Resources

When it comes to helping the unchurched feel at home within your church, buildings matter. Old, drab, and dreary halls will hurt your church’s chance for long-term growth. If your church is serious about church growth, then you need to pay attention to your building. Whether you realize you need a new building or a renovation of your current facility, CDF Capital is here to help. CDF Capital offers churches the financial capital to meet your church’s building needs.

Leadership Resources

CDF Capital believes that when leaders lead, churches grow. Creating the kind of culture that unchurched individuals will love when they attend your church for the first time takes leadership. CDF Capital has been helping church leaders for over 50 years. They are ready to craft a solution to your greatest leadership needs that will take you and your church to the next level.

Spiritual Resources

Prayer is the cornerstone of the Christian life. CDF Capital believes that when people pray, churches grow. CDF prays for churches and invites others to join their prayer team, believing that prayer serves as the foundation of all healthy church growth.

Retaining New Visitors

As your church invests in online strategies to increase church attendance, you should also pay attention to what happens once visitors arrive on a Sunday morning. Is your building welcoming? Is the leadership culture of your church healthy and prepared for church growth? CDF Capital is ready to assess your church needs and offers resources that will fuel growth within your walls.

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