Gloo Empowers Churches to Reach their Community and Congregation

How many pastors wish they had a magic crystal ball that could help them understand their local community and congregation? This knowledge would inspire sermons specific to the church’s needs and focus strategy to reach the unchurched. Today, much of this information is readily available to churches. Gloo gives churches the information they need to connect with their community and better understand their congregation.

The Unstuck Group Helps Churches That Are “Stuck”

The Unstuck Group is on a mission to help churches that feel “stuck” to assess where they are, clarify their vision, and create a plan to achieve their goals. Like any organizations, churches can get stuck at various times in their life cycle: in rapid growth phases, through periods of stagnation,

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MortarStone Helps Churches Build Funds that Fuel Online Ministry

Churches in the Digital Age
In the “digital age”, it’s absolutely critical for a church’s survival to maintain an effective online presence. This work entails the management of a user-friendly church website, the establishment of a Google My Business account, and the ongoing performance of digital outreach through various forms of online advertising.