Church Press Release Writing

Church press releases are an amazing way to communicate with your community! We can help your church increase event attendance, media coverage, and awareness through purposeful press releases. We know most churches have given little thought to press release writing for upcoming events. However, church press releases make a huge impact and should be a part of your event planning. We’re excited and ready to help you with your press releases today.

What is a Church Press Release?

A press release is a formal and concise written communication about an event or situation. This communication is then sent to various media outlets for them to consider covering the topic. The goal is to write a simple but compelling document you hope will pique the media’s interest.

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When Should a Church Send Out a Press Release?

A press release could be sent out anytime a church wants to make an official statement on an incident, or about an event. There are many reasons a church might want to send out a press release.

Here is a list of the most common reasons a church will send out a press release:

  • Upcoming Service Event
  • Upcoming church play or activity
  • Special church accomplishments like a church turning 100
  • Special accomplishments of specific congregants
  • Official statement about an incident at a church

A church press release can be helpful anytime they have official information it wants to share with the community.

Why Churches Should Write Press Releases?

Some churches worry that press releases are self-aggrandizing gestures used only for attention. They might use scriptures about giving or praying where Jesus encouraged his disciples to “not let not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing”(Matt. 6:3). However, it’s one thing to personally pray or give in private to protect one’s heart from pride, it’s another when a church hopes to gather a crowd in serving their community.

1. For Positive Church Publicity

If your church is making a difference in the community, no one will know unless you tell them. Jesus said, “Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven” (Matt. 5:16). As a church you want people to see that you’re making a difference and impacting your city. This could open doors for you to work more closely with your local school system or government.

2. It expands your visibility online and in the community

It’s easy to watch the news with great cynicism. Night after night we hear stories about murder, drugs, and people making all kinds of mistakes. Fear builds on mistrust to the point where we wonder if there is any good left in society at all. Churches have the ability to change that with positive stories about their church, or ways they are impacting their community. Local media is always looking for positive stories. Imagine hearing a story about a high school student giving up her summer vacation to serve the poor, instead of having to hear another story about a teen making poor choices. As a church, you have the positive stories, you just need to start sharing them.

3. Increase Attendance at Your Event

If your church spends thousands of dollars for a big event to serve your community, you want people to hear about it! Writing a press release before an event can easily serve as free advertising for your event. News stations are always on the look out for fun and free things to do in the community that they can share with viewers. By writing a press release, you may easily share your event with thousands more people for free! This also turns into free advertising and a positive story connected with your church, which can also encourage new people to attend your church on Sunday.

4. Improve Website’s SEO

The more backlinks your church website has from authoritative sources, the higher your website will be able to rank in Google's search results. If you’re creating a big event, a press release can easily be connected to a specific church landing page, targeted around a few specific keywords that are related to your big event. Working this way will help your church press release actually increase your church website's domain authority.

How to Write
a Church Press Release

Step 1. Write “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE” at the top of the document.

Step 2. Follow this with a memorable headline in bold like, “25,000 Eggs Ready for Huge Free Easter Egg Hunt.”

Step 3. Write a short, 2-3 sentence paragraph stating the city and date of the event, along with general facts about what will happen. This should mainly include the most important event fact you want the news media to know.

Step 4. The following paragraph or two should include all the major facts of the event, including where, why, when, and what will take place.

Step 5. The final paragraph can be used to give some information about the sponsoring organization. Finish the press release with a person’s name to contact and any other contact information for the sponsoring organization.

How to write a church press release

Get Started

We understand the thought of writing a press release for an upcoming event can feel overwhelming. But, church press releases can play a vital role in the success of large church events. Well-written church press releases can increase community awareness of your event and church.

We want to help your events be a HUGE success in your community. We want to join your team to do everything in our power to write press releases that help your church impact the kingdom of God significantly.

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