Keyword Optimized Church Blog Subscriptions

We can help your church expand your website's reach and effectiveness through our church blogging services. A Church Blog is an effective way to not only communicate with your congregation, but also to increase your community reach. We know your time is limited, so a blogging subscription with Missional Marketing takes the challenge of creating effective blogs off your plate. Let us write blogs that will not only increase traffic to your website and church, but impact your community as well.

Why Church Blogging?

Today, it sometimes seems like everyone has a blog. People blog about family vacations, companies blog about new products, and non-profits are always putting forth some sort of passionate plea. But, what about your church? Do you have a blog? If not, there are numerous reasons why your church needs a blog.

1. It helps communicate
and connect with the church

Blogging gives church leaders a forum to continue discussions from Sunday morning. Blog posts could be written about the Sunday morning sermon, or based off other ministry announcements. If a post focuses on the sermon, congregants have a chance to ask questions and respond to various points made in what was shared.

It can be especially helpful for posts to surround the various ministries of the church. Ministry blog posts help congregants know what services your church offers, while giving you the ability to communicate essential information to them.

2. It expands your visibility online
and in the community

Church blog posts immediately expand your church’s reach in the community. Without a blog, your church can only influence those physically attending on a Sunday morning, or through the actual word-of-mouth invitations of those who attend your church. But, once you have a blog post, your ability to reach those outside the walls of your church significantly increases.

People in your church have the ability to comment on and share blog posts on social media. Shared blog posts have the ability to reach far beyond those in your congregation. A well-written post can be easily shared and re-shared in an online community. This increases awareness of your church’s presence and activity in the community.

Also, posting about the various ministries of your church will increase awareness about those ministries in your community. A person benefited from your church’s group on addiction could share a newly written post about addiction, encouraging his/her friends to check out the group. Social media has the ability to help those in your city know more about the various ministries your church offers.

3. It increases web traffic
to your website

The more you use specific keywords in your blog posts connected to your church and the ministries of your church, the higher your Google Quality Score can climb that are connected to those keywords. Imagine how amazing it would be if your church website was the first to pop up whenever someone searches divorce recovery or grief recovery. Church Blogs have the ability to increase traffic to your website by continually reinforcing certain keywords in connection to your church. One research study by Hubspot found that businesses with a blog enjoyed 55% more visitors than those who didn’t.

What Should You Blog About?

Once you set up a church blog, there’s the question of what you should blog about. Really, church blogging can be about anything relevant to your church, but here are a few ideas to help you get started:

  • Post about church ministries. The more you share blogs about the ministries of your church, the higher Google will connect that subject with your church. This will lead to increased web traffic to your ministries and ultimately your church.
  • Follow up from Sunday’s sermon. Those who preach always have more information than they can possibly share in a Sunday sermon. Use a blog post to continue Sunday’s sermon online. Blog posts are a great place for congregants to ask questions or respond to the sermon.
  • Expand Sunday’s Announcements. Use a blog post to highlight and expand on an upcoming service project or group (remember one subject per post).
  • Share stories from congregants. Blog posts are a great place to share stories from a recent mission trip. They are also great to highlight and thank a certain ministry volunteer.

There are all kinds of ways your church could use your church blog to connect with your congregants and surrounding city. The most important thing is to start a blog and get writing.

Creating an Effective Church Blog

Church blogging can be an effective way to build awareness about your church and increase web traffic to your site. But, in order to create an effective church blog, here are a few points to remember:

  • Posts should be 300 words or more. Google more easily understands blogs posts of at least 300 words.
  • Focus on one subject per post. If your post focuses on more than one subject, it will be more difficult for Google to understand what that post is primarily about, and what keywords it should rank for. Church blog posts should focus on one subject at a time.
  • Use church and ministry keywords. In your blog, make sure to use keywords associated with your church and the ministries of your church. These keywords are what Google will see to connect with those searching for those terms in their search engine.
  • Post often. Consistently creating new posts on similar subjects and specific keywords helps build a strong connection between your church and those keywords.

Get Started

We are ready to serve your church through blogging in one of two ways:

  • Write a single church blog post: If you have a specific ministry you’re hoping to highlight in your church and community, Missional Marketing could write one or a few specific blog posts for your church. These posts would be based on researched keywords focused on your church, community, and specific ministry. The post would be written for optimal Google traffic.
  • Subscribe to our monthly blog subscription service: The best value and most effective way to increase web traffic to your site is through our monthly blogging subscription service. With this service, our expert writers will research the most effective keywords associated with your church and ministry. They will then use them to write posts that will increase your Google Quality Score and web traffic.

We would love to help your church blog! If you’re interested in taking the NEXT STEP in considering Missional Marketing, please schedule an appointment or contacting us via phone, text, or email.