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Why You Should Consider Increasing Your Ad Spend When Your Church Building is Closed (or Limited Capacity)Last Updated: January 3rd, 2021

Why You Should Consider Increasing Your Ad Spend When Your Church Building Is Closed

Although your church building may be physically closed or operating at a lower capacity, this doesn’t mean outreach needs to stop. As a church leader, you may be wondering how much to allocate during COVID-19 to marketing resources.  Learn more about why you should consider increasing your ad spend when your church building is closed to succeed during these unprecedented times.

People Need Church Now More Than Ever 

COVID-19 has created an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty about the future.  People are worried about their health, experiencing social isolation, and suffering financially.  As a result, many people are struggling with their mental health.  Across the country, there’s been a rise in anxiety, grief, depression, addiction, and loneliness from COVID-19.  Individuals are seeking ways to cope with the pandemic causing an increase in demand for churches.  Now more than ever, churches are needed both physically and virtually to share the good news of faith, hope, and love. There’s never been a better time to use technology to your advantage! Check out our resources for churches navigating COVID-19.   

Grow Your Congregation 

Even though your physical church building may be closed or operating at a lower capacity, that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to grow during this season.  Now is the perfect time to increase your ad spend to reach new people outside of your local area. By creating an online church community and live streaming services, anyone can come to your church, regardless of their geographic location.  It’s never been so easy to invite a friend to church by sharing a link to a sermon.  Increasing your ad spend allows you to access a wider range of people who may be seeking a connection with God but don’t know where to start.  Imagine all of the new people across the county that your church could reach with the Good News!

Expand Your Local Footprint

It can be intimidating to visit a new church if you don’t know what to expect or are nervous about walking into an environment where you don’t know anyone. By targeting new people within your local community online, they’re able to experience your church before making an in-person visit.   Once your church is physically open, these newcomers will already feel comfortable attending an in-person service. 

Increase Engagement 

Right now, people are experiencing a lot of down-time.  Everything from sporting events to vacations is being canceled, leaving people bored at home.  Fortunately, you can take advantage of everyone’s open schedules to increase involvement within the church. Although “doing church” may look a bit differently right now, there are still plenty of ways to increase engagement.  Maybe your church is doing small groups via Zoom or hosting youth ministry online.  Regardless of what church looks like right now – people can still feel connected and have a sense of community. One way to increase engagement could be to run a retargeting campaign to reach those that may have drifted away from your church but are now needing a source of hope during these dark times.  

Automate Outreach and Communication Needs 

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Are your staff and volunteers stressed and overworked as a result of COVID-19? Is your church struggling to keep up with communicating important updates to your members and the local community? A great solution could be to off-load some of this work to a third-party agency like Missional Marketing.  At Missional Marketing, our team will work with your church to understand your outreach goals and communication needs so that your team can focus on day-to-day operations and providing aid during the pandemic.  

You Can Relocate Ad Spend From Cancelled Events 

Are you interested in increasing your church’s ad spend but don’t know where to get the funds?  Right now, most in-person church events are being canceled like VBS or homecoming cookouts.  These events can often be expensive and take up a large portion of financial resources.  A great option for funding an increase in your church’s ad spend during COVID-19 could be allocating spend from these canceled events. Many churches are using their budgets for events by investing them in online resources and outreach. Advertising online is a great investment since it will grow your church and increase giving over time.

The Benefits of Increasing Ad Spend During COVID-19

Although your church may be facing challenges as a result of the pandemic, God can still use this season to bless your church. It’s important to focus on the positives of being able to operate virtually and continue to spread the light of Jesus online.  Even though it may seem risky to increase your ad spend while your church building is closed, it can position your church for greater success on the other side of the pandemic! 

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