video content for churches

Why Video Content for Churches is so Important in 2021Last Updated: April 11th, 2021

Video content is important for all businesses, including churches. 86% of businesses use video to market themselves, and of that, 93% of marketers agree that video plays a large role in their marketing strategy. Video content is not just a trend, but rather, a vital piece in your church’s marketing strategy.

Social Media for the Masses

It’s no question that video is dominating social media platforms. Whether you’re on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or Tik Tok, video is the most important content to share. Using video on social media platforms is becoming increasingly more important, but why?

video content for churches


The average U.S. citizen has 7.3 social media accounts. Sometimes reaching your audience is as simple as placing yourself where they are most likely to find you. In this case, that means using social media. 

To go a step further, video performs the best on these accounts for numerous reasons. Both Facebook and Instagram utilize streaming, which ranks the highest on feed algorithms, with normal videos following. Ultimately, posts containing videos are just more likely to be seen than those that don’t. 

Missional Marketing’s sermon shortening service edits your sermons for social media posting. This service creates 30 to 60 second and 2 to 5-minute cuts with dimensions perfect for social media. This service simplifies social media posting by using content you’ve already captured to reach new audiences. 

Video Builds Trust 

The emphasis on video and social media may seem overwhelming, but capturing videos in 2021 is easier than ever. Along with professionally captured videos, marketers and businesses share user-generated content. User-generated content (UGC), is any content–text, images, videos, and more–created and shared by the consumer of a product. Essentially, the members of your church, rather than staff, capture UGC. Videos captured and shared as UGC are increasingly important in 2021.

video content for churches

Now more than ever, people desire authenticity in marketing. User-generated content is real and raw, so it builds trust for someone considering attending your church for the first time. 

Users are 2.4 times more likely to believe user-generated content is authentic. Whether it’s a restaurant, movie, book, or recipe, people are more likely to trust a recommendation from a real person rather than the business itself. Your church builds trust the same way. Videos captured by the members of your church at a small group, a youth event, or a meal together, reveal life behind the scenes. 

This content is easy to access, as the majority of your members likely have social media accounts and phones with cameras. User-generated content proves that video doesn’t have to be challenging or over the top, but in 2021, video is more important than ever. 

Streamed Services Capture New Audiences

Video usage by marketers and consumers goes further than social media. The 2020 pandemic forced many churches to embrace online church, but the necessity of streaming continues in 2021. Since the pandemic, consumers consistently watch more videos online, proving there is usefulness for your sermons after the live stream is complete. We offer a service that compiles your sermons in a Sermon Video Library, allowing your church to reach new audiences. 

Missional Marketing’s sermon video library creates a user-friendly, SEO-driving, audience-building database of sermons. Streamed sermons create a hub of content, that when optimized correctly, is able to reach new and unchurched audiences. Similar to YouTube, one of the most accessed video platforms, a sermon library allows messages from previous weeks, months, and even years to be viewed at any time. The sermon video library allows people to discover your church and hear the truth of Jesus Christ. 

Optimizing your sermons with the sermon video library sets your church apart as streaming services become commonplace. Compiling the sermons you’re already capturing to promote your church is another way video reaches new audiences. 

If you’re interested in doing more with video this year, we’d love to help you out! Whether it’s our sermon shortening service, capitalizing on user-generated content, creating a Sermon Video Library, or more, we’re ready to take your videos to the next level!

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