Why Churches Should Use Online GivingLast Updated: December 28th, 2020

Giving is so incredibly vital to churches being able to carry out their mission of sharing the Gospel, helping others, and spreading the love of Jesus. Tithing is so important to furthering the kingdom of Heaven and growing your church.  However, over the years, many churches have collectively experienced a decrease in overall giving.  According to a study done by PushPay, religious giving is down by 50% since 1990 (Source: Pushpay). Over 74% of Americans write only 1 check per month and 80% carry less than $50 of cash on them (Source: Pushpay).  Since churches traditionally received the bulk of their donations in cash or through checks, these statistics reflect an overwhelming need for churches to adapt to new trends in the way people spend their money.  

So, what can your church do to help encourage people to give and boost offering donations?  An effective solution to overcome this challenge is by offering your church online and mobile payment options for tithing and donations.  On average, churches that offer online giving increase their donations by 32% (source: NP Source)

Online giving makes it easier than ever for members of your congregation and guests to give.  As a church pastor or leader, you might not know how to transition your church to online giving or what the best platform to use is.  The good news is, by using Vision 2 Systems, a recommended partner of Missional Marketing, your church can easily implement secure online giving without needing to do any work on your end.  

Vision 2 Systems is a user-friendly platform designed specifically for churches to seamlessly transition to online giving and provides churches with access to incredible tools like analytics and reporting software, email campaigns for offering drives, mission trip funding support, and more! 

With Vision 2 Systems, your congregation can easily give with the touch of a button when it’s convenient for them online through your church’s website, a mobile app, or with text-to-give.  People also have the option to set up recurring tithing amounts so that they can set it and forget it. All Vision 2 Systems giving options are fully branded to your church so that people feel safe and secure and never have to go through a third-party site.  

Since giving is such a personal act, Vision 2 Systems also allows churches to be able to include custom messages and thank you emails with the person’s name and share updates with each individual of the impact their gift is making.  The members of your church can also easily search and decide which ministry or fund they’d like to allocate their donation towards allowing them to feel connected to the cause such as a parent giving to support the children’s ministry.

Are you interested in learning more about how Vision 2 Systems can benefit your church and help reach your giving goals?  Check out the Vision 2 Systems website for more information!

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