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How Retargeting Works

How Retargeting Works
A visitor reaches your website, and is given a tracking "cookie".
The visitor leaves your site. They later see advertisements for your site from your retargeting campaign.
The visitor remembers your site and revisits.

Re-Engage Seasonal Visitors

Your church already sees spikes in website traffic during the weeks of Christmas and Easter. With our retargeting code added to your website, you can tag these visitors with retargeting cookies that allow you to deliver advertisements to them later on. This is one of the best ways to remind them of your church and invite them back again after the holiday has passed.

We’ll install the retargeting code to track visitors on your site for free. You can then decide at a later time to launch a retargeting advertising campaign to re-engage these visitors. You can find out more about our retargeting campaigns here.

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