Grow your church with Waze Ads

Waze Advertising provides a unique opportunity for you to connect with individuals in your church’s neighborhood right when they drive down the street. Waze is the largest community-based traffic and navigation app with a reach of 11.2 million in the United States. Leverage the power of mobile media and outdoor advertising to grow your church.

Meet Them Where They Are

Mobile media is on an upward trend, with over 85% of Americans owning a mobile device of some kind according to Pew Research. Waze Advertising empowers your church with a modern approach and cutting edge technology to reach your community on their mobile devices with a special invitation or a message of hope.

waze ads for churches

Creating a Successful Waze Campaign

1. Setup Ads

Work with Missional Marketing to create an advertising campaign that will capture the attention of your target audience.

2. Target Your Community

Designate filters to reach the specific demographics in your local community for life group campaigns.

3. Reach the Community

Push out your creative campaign and begin reaching your community in a new, relevant way.

4. Monitor Performance

See how your ad is performing with real-time data insights.

5. Optimization

Make updates to your ad creative, text and target demographic to enhance your ad’s performance.

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