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Comparing the Value of Clicks: Google Search vs Google Display

Traffic can come to your site from a number of different sources. It can come directly from people who already know of your website, or it can come from people conducting a search in Google and finding your site appearing organically in the search results. Traffic can also arrive at your site from a variety of your own marketing efforts. These can include email marketing, social media promotion, and of course from any ads that you might be running.

However, when it comes to the clicks that bring people to your website, it is true that not all clicks are created equal. In this post we will be examining the value of clicks from Google Search Network, when compared with the value of clicks from the Google Display Network.

Google Search Network

The Google Search Network is a really useful tool that allows you to sponsor content from your site so that it appears at the top of the Google search rankings. The first few results in Google receive the vast majority of the traffic, so it is important that your church’s site is appearing here. If your church’s site is not appearing on the first page of the search results organically, using the Google Search Network is a great option to get your website found by those who are searching Google for answers.

If you would like to find out more about the Google Search Network, and how to start an online ad campaign for churches, you can check our our detailed post here.

Google Display Network

While the Google Search Network allows people to find your site when they search Google, the Google Display Network promotes your website across the rest of the internet through Google’s partner network. When you see an ad on a website, it is more than likely coming from the Google Display Network. Examples of these include banner ads, display ads in the sidebars of websites, or even video ads on websites such as YouTube.

When creating a church ad, you set what kind of demographics you would like to target, and Google takes care of the  rest. To find out more about running a Google Display Network campaign, check out our guide here.

Comparing the Value of Clicks: Search Network vs Display Network

The Google Search Network and the Google Display Network are both really useful tools. They also work really well when implemented side by side. However, they do both deliver a different type of user to your website. The folks at Wordstream have conducted a detailed study on which type of sponsored content converts the best. They took a sample across 16 industries to find out the value of clicks from each network. Some of the results are surprising.

Click Through Rates (CTR’s)

When it comes to Click Through Rate (CTR), Search Network averages 1.91%, while Display Network averages just 0.35%. The reason for this is that when people are searching for something on Google, they have intent. Nobody accidentally clicks on a result in Google Search. If someone searches for ‘Christian Churches Near me’, they are going to click on one of the first results, as they will find the answer to their question. With the display network ads, you are showing your ad to people who might not necessarily be thinking about what you are offering at that time, so CTR’s are lower.

Conversion Rates

Another interesting finding relates to Conversion Rates. Yet again, it seems that Search Network comes out on top. Conversion Rates from Google Search Network average at 2.70%. This is a significant increase on the 0.89% average achieved by Display Network.

With church websites, we use ‘time on page’ as the metric to measure conversions. People who arrive at a church’s website from Search Network are far more likely to spend more time on a page. They are also much more likely to click to another page.

Cost Per Click (CPC)

However, these increased CTR’s do come at a cost. The average Cost Per Click (CPC) for Search Network comes in at $2.32, while the average CPC for Display Network is just $0.58. Obviously, these CPC figures will vary as they are taken from a cross-section of various industries, but the difference between Search Network and Display Network costs will be around the same. The actual CPC rates will depend on the keywords you want to rank for, the quality of your ads, and the competition for those keywords in your area.


While the above research was conducted on websites in private industry, it is reasonable to assume that the same results would apply to church websites. Conversion Rates and CTR’s will more than likely be higher when coming from Google Search Network. This is simply because people know what they are looking for when they are searching Google. This makes them much more likely to click the result.

The greater CTR’s however will result in a higher CPC for Search Network Ads. If you are interested in implementing a Search Network and Display Network campaign for your church, get in touch today. Our team can talk you through the process, and provide you with a quote to suit your church’s budget.

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