Valuable Online Church Impressions

Valuable Online Church ImpressionsLast Updated: July 3rd, 2019

Valuable online church impressions have optimal impact when managed correctly. One challenge in Online Church Advertising Attribution is that most people want anonymity when they first visit a church. This necessitates a modified method to tracking visits and conversions. This difficulty in attribution raises a question about the value of online impressions.

In an online business, you can track a customer all the way from the advertisement to the conversion. Their path looks like this:

View Ad Impression —> Click on Ad—> Conversion (i.e. Fill out Form or Make Purchase)

Google’s studies and others show that a person’s likelihood of clicking on the ad goes up when they see it repeatedly. Furthermore, a person’s likelihood of converting goes up when they see an ad repeatedly. Google provide tools to view this called ‘Attribution Reports’.

When a church is running an online advertising campaign, the conversion event is a person showing up at church. However that will not show up in the attribution analytics because they don’t take a trackable fill out a form (due to their desire for anonymity).

So the challenge is that they learn about the church from the online advertising campaign, but they don’t fill out a form.
One way to offset this hole in the analytics is to define a conversion goal as a certain amount of time viewing the landing page after the click through.

View Ad Impression —> Click on Ad—> Conversion (More than 30 seconds on webpage)

Similarly, a conversion goal can be set for the number of pages viewed or viewing a specific page such as a church’s ‘service times’ page or their ‘directions to church campus’ page.

View Ad Impression —> Click on Ad—> Conversion (Viewed 3 pages or more)

View Ad Impression —> Click on Ad—> Conversion (Viewed ‘service times’ page)

An impression also has value in the situation where a person sees the ad and says to their self “Oh yeah, I know where that church is. I am going to drive over there this Sunday”. In this situation they never show up in any analytic other than as an impression.

Valuable Online Church Impressions Summary

In summary, impressions have the following benefits:

  1. Impressions increase the likelihood of a user clicking through or converting on a future view
  2. Impressions lead to the completion of a conversion goal such as spending time on the church’s website, viewing 3 pages or more, or viewing specific pages such as ‘service times’
  3. Impressions raise brand awareness even if the viewer takes no trackable action
  4. Impressions can identify and legitimize the church as solution providers to family needs, emotional needs, and relational needs that people wrestle with every day; especially in the eyes of the unchurched and churchless

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