Tik Tok Advertising For Your ChurchLast Updated: May 29th, 2021

Remember when knocking on doors and mailing out flyers was the only way to get the word out? Well, times have changed. A lot. Now, not only do you need to be advertising in the digital space, you also have several options for where to advertise. Social media, search engines, YouTube, and countless other platforms can promote your church, but the latest—and possibly the most important—addition to the list is Tik Tok. 

Why Tik Tok advertising

Tik Tok Advertising For Your Church

  1. Tik Tok holds the record for the fastest growth of any application and was the most downloaded social app in 2020. In any household of 4 or more people, odds are at least one of them uses Tik Tok regularly. This level of usage creates huge potential to be able to reach anyone and everyone!
  2. Tik Tok isn’t the first social media platform to have ads or have a large audience network, but what sets it apart is the effectiveness of the ads and the ability for the ads to look organic and blend in with the rest of the content. If you’ve ever been on Tik Tok, you know how powerful this can be— it makes it possible for someone to watch an entire ad before you realize it’s an ad. 
  3. Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons to use Tik Tok to advertise for your church is the diversity of the users that use the app. Though the age of Tik Tok users skews younger, the diversity in income levels, race, and education levels makes it a very unique advertising opportunity.
  4. Tik Tok is unique in many ways, but one aspect that has spurred unprecedented growth is how users can engage authentically through user-generated content. Tik Tok videos are effective because they usually look like they were made by an ordinary person, rather than a video production team.

How to advertise on Tik Tok

Tik Tok Advertising For Your Church

  1. Create Your Campaign: Campaigns should be sectioned out by goal. For example, do you want to advertise for a youth event and let people know about your service times? These will most likely have different audiences so they should be in different campaigns.
  2. Figure out your targeting: Who is your target audience? Determining this will make sure that only the right people see your ad. 
  3. Ad spend, duration, and goals: Next, you want to make sure to set your ad spend to the right level for your budget. If there is a time limit to your ad (e.g. you are advertising for an event) make sure your ads are set to end when the event happens so that you don’t waste any additional spend. Lastly, determine your goal. Do you want people to sign up for something or are you looking to increase brand visibility? Setting your goal will help Tik Tok optimize your ad spend to make it as effective as possible. 
  4. Create your ad: Determine the right ad format for your goal and create an ad that’s as engaging and clear as possible. Putting as much important information in the first three seconds will help your ad convert better.
  5. Optimize: In the age of digital media, no ad platform is stable. Constant monitoring and adjustments through testing different settings, text, videos, sound, etc. will lead to long-term campaign success. 

Excited about Tik Tok advertising for your church? You should be! Tik Tok is an incredible tool for outreach into a demographic that’s historically hard to reach and increasingly difficult to get to church. 

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