The Unstuck Group Helps Churches That Are “Stuck”Last Updated: January 3rd, 2021

The Unstuck Group is on a mission to help churches that feel “stuck” to assess where they are, clarify their vision, and create a plan to achieve their goals. Like any organizations, churches can get stuck at various times in their life cycle: in rapid growth phases, through periods of stagnation, or during a decline. Consider The Unstuck Group if things aren’t moving like you want in your ministry.

Churches Get Stuck, Too

Like any organizations, churches can get “stuck” during any time in their life cycle: in phases of rapid growth, through plateaus, or, sadly, during decline from ineffectiveness. There are a host of reasons for churches getting stuck, and there’s no single answer for getting unstuck. Churches need a plan tailored to their specific needs, for their unique team members and their particular congregation. The Unstuck Group helps shed light on why your church is stuck, and how to get unstuck.

The Unstuck Group

The Unstuck Group to the Rescue

Think of The Unstuck Group as the doctor for whatever issues ail your church. They use their tools to assess the health of your ministry and diagnose any problem areas. Then they use their wisdom and expertise to provide you with a ministry strategy including measurable goals. Next, they tell you how you can accomplish this vision by enhancing the strengths of your existing team members. Finally, they’ll help your church plot the next few years, so you walk away with a clear and feasible roadmap, a prescription for maintaining maximum health.

The Unstuck Group’s comprehensive service offerings not only provide your church with valuable data about your current performance, but also the steps you need to take to get “unstuck,” supporting you at every step. You’ll walk away not only with a picture of how your church is currently doing, with metrics that you may not have known to track, but with a roadmap of actionable and sustainable rhythms your team can implement to get where you know God has called you to be.

Taking the Next Step

If your church is feeling “stuck” and you’re looking for a comprehensive, customized ministry plan, complete with assessment and ongoing accountability, look no further. Serving churches from 100 to 20,000+ in attendance, The Unstuck Group specializes in helping churches cross the bridge from stuck to thriving.

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