Top 5 Summer Objectives for Church Communications Pastors

Like the rest of us, churches experience different seasons and levels of activity throughout the year. Summer is when schedules slow down, attendance fluctuates, events pause, and you switch up your daily routine in favor of more fun in the sun. Apart from VBS, summer is historically a time when ministry slows down as well.

Why Your Church Website is a Vital Tool During COVID-19

With COVID-19 causing many churches to be physically closed or operating at a limited capacity, many churches are overcoming these challenges by transitioning to online church.  Across the globe, COVID-19 has created an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty as to the future. Even though the entire world is experiencing this as a global crisis,

5 Elements of the Best Church Websites

Have you ever stopped to take a hard look at your church’s website? Even if you have the most loving, warm, and welcoming church, it might not be reflected through your website.  Now more than ever before, it’s vital for churches to have a website that accurately represents their church, is easy to use,

How To Optimize Images On Your Church Website

Optimizing images on your church website to increase speed and enhance performance
More often than not, our church clients are selecting appealing images for their church website without taking into account the impact these images will have on the functionality of the site as a whole.
So how do we keep the images we like without sacrificing speed or performance,

Pointers for Churches With Limited Resources

At Missional Marketing, we understand that each church is in a different stage of growth and that some organizations will not have access to the resources involved in hiring a professional marketing firm.
While we strive to provide a range of affordable tools and customized service options, we know that other budgetary needs affecting the overall health of the church may take precedence and that developing a marketing budget takes time.

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3 Essential Factors for an Effective Church Website

Church websites today tend to share a lot in common with Kevin Costner’s classic 1989 movie, Field of Dreams. As the movie begins Kevin’s character is wandering through vast fields of corn when an ominous voice whispers, “If you build it, he will come,” one of the most famous lines from a movie ever.


AMP for Fast Loading Church Mobile Pages

Over the last decade, the use of smartphones has risen dramatically. If you look around your community, you will see young and old alike using smartphones on a daily basis. It has changed the way we interact with one another. When people face a problem in their everyday lives, often the first thing they do is take out their phone and search Google for the answers.

Church Website Load Time Dramatically Improved

Church Website Load Time Dramatically Improved

It is no secret that church website load time has always been important, but it is becoming increasingly vital to ensure that your site loads quickly. In a recent update, Google has put increased weight on website load times as an indicator of how your site ranks in Google. While it is unclear how much focus is given to page load speed right now,