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How to set up a YouTube channel for your church [and why you must!]

During the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, congregations have pivoted to a whole new way of “doing church.”  Live streaming weekend worship experiences has become the new normal. Small groups, pastoral counseling, and children’s ministries are routinely using interactive videoconferencing platforms in lieu of personal connections. These new approaches are likely here to stay.


4 Reasons Why Your Church Should Be Posting Sermon Videos

Posting sermon videos online is important in today’s internet culture. Let’s face it. The internet is part of our daily lives, but, for many, church is not. As technology changes the way we listen and view the world around us, it also affects the ways we learn about God. Those churches willing to embrace technology by taking steps like posting their sermon videos online will position themselves for church growth for years to come.


Church Sermon Videos: Church Communications Directors Secret Weapon

In today’s media-saturated world, sharing is caring. People create connection and community through sharing on social media. We share pictures, articles, personal stories and funny videos of cats. Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitterhelp individuals share their story with the world.
But, social media also has the power to be an evangelistic tool for the church. 


Church Videos Can Boost Your Website SEO

Church videos, like sermon videos, have the power to impact your website SEO. In today’s digital world, technology matters more than ever for churches. Unfortunately, church attendance is dwindling, especially with millennials. However, this generation is extremely active online. This new digital culture means churches have the unique ability to reach people outside of their four walls – through the internet.

Boost Engagement with Church Sermon Videos

Church sermons have the power to transform lives. A pastor’s preaching can influence a person to flee addiction, follow after God, or even to fix their family. But, so often a powerful message is given on a Sunday, then left to only the memories of those who were in lucky enough to be in attendance that day.


Introducing the Church Sermon Video Library

Can you picture a preacher standing on a very busy street, shouting the Gospel message at the top of his lungs? What if he had a microphone hooked to speakers? Better yet, imagine if he was broadcast all over the world and people actually listened. That would have been a dream for preachers of old.