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Subdomains Versus Subdirectories for use with Church Websites

The purpose of this article is to clarify when to use subdomains and when to use subdirectories on church websites.
A subdomain URL looks like this:
A subdirectory URL looks like this:
This topic is especially relevant to churches that have more than one campus. It is also applicable to churches that have content needing to be presented in significantly varied user experiences,

Church Domain Authority Initiatives

We asked our team of church SEO experts to brainstorm a list of ideas for improving domain authority.
Below you’ll find various initiatives that can aid in increasing domain authority for a church website when executed successfully. Commentary is included for each, and the list is categorized into three tiers based on the effort level/vigilance required to gain relevance.


Christian Blogging for Church Ministries

Christian blogging is an impactful way for your church to connect with congregants and the world. But, blogging can also enhance every ministry of your church. Consequently, church blogs are an effective platform for every ministry within your church to share information and help others.  Church blogs are an amazing way to connect with people attending your church and the surrounding community.

Increase your Web Traffic

Increase your Web Traffic by Delivering Relevant Content with Church Landing Pages

Landing pages can increase web traffic to your church’s website. Church Landing pages are stand-alone pages with one focus keyword in mind. Their design allows them to load as quickly as possible. The benefit of these strategic aspects is that Google can more easily see a landing page because it is focused on one specific topic.

Improve Your Church Outreach Strategy with a Church Blog

Improve Your Church Outreach Strategy with a Church Blog

There was a day when people were expected to visit a church because they lived nearby – but those days are long gone. Today, it takes effort to reach out and connect with people in our local communities. The internet has drastically changed the look of effective outreach strategies. If you want to connect with those who feel far from God in your community today then your online presence matters!

Powerful Church SEO Content Tool

Powerful Church SEO Content Tool

Have you ever wondered if you are sending the right message with your website? What about how successful you are with being heard online? With our powerful church SEO content tool, answer those questions and find ways to improve your
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improve church google search results

Improve Church Google Search Results

Every day, thousands of people search online for help with serious issues. They struggle with spiritual questions and wonder why they feel the world is against them. But, because so many churches have fallen behind with their online presence and technology – instead of finding help through a local church, the church is nowhere to be found.

Church Landing Page Subscriptions

8 Ways You Can Help Google Grow Your Church

Google can help grow your church. When it comes to church growth, gone are the days hoping new people will show up on your church’s front door merely because you exist. In fact, authors of Churchless found the number of those not attending a church anywhere has risen from 30% in 1990 to 43% in 2014 (info graphic).

churches reach hurting people online

Churches Reach Hurting People Online

What is the best way for churches to reach hurting people online? This is a question asked by many caring and innovative pastors.
Church digital marketing is the perfect method of reaching those who are in need. They could need depression support, divorce support or other forms of assistance. Some of the best types of church digital marketing campaigns are Church Google AdWords and Church Facebook Ads.

christian writing services for churches

Christian Writing Services for Churches

For churches, the clarity of the message and The Story have always been central to achieving effectiveness and changing hearts. But, sometimes there is a disconnect, and here’s why: If people in your community either don’t know what you do, or don’t understand it as it relates to them, then no dialogue will ensue.