The Biblical Basis for Church Marketing

Does the word marketing leave a bad taste in your mouth when it’s in the same sentence as the words church or ministry? Most Christians have seen church marketing go bad more times than they can count. When done poorly, it comes off as gimmicky and tacky. 
Our goal as God’s people should not be to “sell Jesus.” So most good churches want to differentiate themselves from the Christians who focus more on money-grabbing and magic tricks than true discipleship.

5 Tips To Build A Thriving Digital Church Ministry

The world is changing quickly, especially when it comes to the technological landscape we’re immersed in every day. While parents and grandparents remember the times of rotary phones and dial-up internet, their children and grandchildren spend hours in front of a screen each day. This has clear implications for churches: digital ministry has to be a priority.

How To Get Online Church Engagement [The Complete List]

The New Reality
The world as we know it has changed. These changes were birthed from necessity as society sheltered at home during the peak of the global COVID-19 pandemic. And even as danger from the virus has decreased, behaviors formed during the pandemic have continued. People have shifted from going out to staying home.