Local Church SEO Boost

Local SEO Versus On-Page SEO for Churches [Clearing Up the Confusion]

Sometimes there’s confusion in church communications circles about Local SEO Versus On-Page SEO. This response was written in order to clarify their differences.
In general, when a church wishes to reach local people who are searching for location-based phrases, like ‘church near me’, ‘local church’, and ‘church in [city]’, they should focus their efforts on Local SEO for Churches.

Church Domain Authority Initiatives

We asked our team of church SEO experts to brainstorm a list of ideas for improving domain authority.
Below you’ll find various initiatives that can aid in increasing domain authority for a church website when executed successfully. Commentary is included for each, and the list is categorized into three tiers based on the effort level/vigilance required to gain relevance.

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Organic Versus Paid Church Web Traffic

Many churches face the same problem with their online presence. They have built their website, but there is no one visiting the site. This is the number one problem faced by most churches when it comes to their online efforts. Luckily, this is a problem that can be effectively rectified. The way that most churches increase their church web traffic is through search engines.