The Biblical Basis for Church Marketing

Does the word marketing leave a bad taste in your mouth when it’s in the same sentence as the words church or ministry? Most Christians have seen church marketing go bad more times than they can count. When done poorly, it comes off as gimmicky and tacky. 
Our goal as God’s people should not be to “sell Jesus.” So most good churches want to differentiate themselves from the Christians who focus more on money-grabbing and magic tricks than true discipleship.

10 Signs You Need a New Church Website

As the world shifts to a more digital age, having an engaging, user-friendly website is increasingly important for businesses, and that includes churches as well. This article outlines ten signs that suggest a church may need a new website. From slow loading times and outdated designs to inaccurate information and a lack of mobile-friendliness,

6 Steps to Improving your Church’s Local SEO in 2021

Search engine optimization doesn’t have to be confusing or intimidating. With the overwhelming amount of insight available pertaining to SEO, we want to provide you with a brief guide explaining how to improve your local SEO. Your website is important, and by taking the necessary steps to improve your SEO, we can make sure it’s discoverable.

3 Local Search Ranking Factors Every Church Should Understand

When someone searches “church near me”, the first thing that they see is Google’s local 3-Pack, which is made up of the top 3 search results along with a map, placed in an order determined by Google’s algorithm. 

Local SEO efforts help improve search engine rankings for search terms that pertain to someone’s location,

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Maximizing Church Website Engagement

Is your church looking to increase church website engagement?  Even though your church might have a great-looking website, if it’s not leading to meaningful user actions and meeting your church’s online goals, then it’s not performing as well as it could be.  There are quite a few reasons you should invest time and resources into optimizing your church’s engagement.

Google Algorithm Update For Page Experience

With Google’s ever-changing algorithm, it can be challenging to keep up with everything new.  While much of Google’s algorithm remains a mystery, Google recently announced that they were rolling out a new update that focuses on-page experience as a key ranking factor.  You might be wondering, “how does this impact my church’s website”? 


Mobile-First Indexing: How to Prepare Your Church Website

It’s no secret that Google’s been moving towards a ‘mobile-first’ approach to its search results for a number of years now. People have been using their mobile devices to browse the web more and more in the last few years, and mobile traffic has now overtaken desktop computers as the main source of Google Searches.

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The Impact of Online Citation Directories and Aggregators on Local SEO for Churches

What are Online Citation Directories and Aggregators
Online citation directories are an important part of local SEO for churches. Citation directories are online directories, where all types of businesses can list their contact details so that they are more easily found online. All citation directories allow churches to list their main contact details,

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How Google Maps Fits into Local SEO for Churches

Google Maps has grown into the biggest map platform over the last number of years, which receives an incredible 63,000 searches per second (5.6 billion searches per day). When we are searching for something, we have become all too used to taking out our phones and searching for “convenience store near me” or “auto shop near me”.

Local Church SEO Boost

Local SEO Versus On-Page SEO for Churches [Clearing Up the Confusion]

Sometimes there’s confusion in church communications circles about Local SEO Versus On-Page SEO. This response was written in order to clarify their differences.
In general, when a church wishes to reach local people who are searching for location-based phrases, like ‘church near me’, ‘local church’, and ‘church in [city]’, they should focus their efforts on Local SEO for Churches.