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Maximizing Church Website Engagement

Is your church looking to increase church website engagement?  Even though your church might have a great-looking website, if it’s not leading to meaningful user actions and meeting your church’s online goals, then it’s not performing as well as it could be.  There are quite a few reasons you should invest time and resources into optimizing your church’s engagement.

Why Isn’t My Church Showing Up On Google?

Have you ever wondered why when you search for your church’s website on Google it doesn’t always show up where you think it should, or maybe doesn’t show up at all?  Many people think that when you create a website, it automatically appears in Google search results.  Unfortunately, this isn’t actually the case. 

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The Impact of Online Citation Directories and Aggregators on Local SEO for Churches

What are Online Citation Directories and Aggregators
Online citation directories are an important part of local SEO for churches. Citation directories are online directories, where all types of businesses can list their contact details so that they are more easily found online. All citation directories allow churches to list their main contact details,

Local Church SEO Boost

Local SEO Versus On-Page SEO for Churches [Clearing Up the Confusion]

Sometimes there’s confusion in church communications circles about Local SEO Versus On-Page SEO. This response was written in order to clarify their differences.
In general, when a church wishes to reach local people who are searching for location-based phrases, like ‘church near me’, ‘local church’, and ‘church in [city]’, they should focus their efforts on Local SEO for Churches.